shervinsardari Shervin Sardari

Freelance video journalist based in Vienna, Austria. Working for TV and Web. Studied Journalism and Media Management at FH Wien. Worked for several broadcaster including ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Company.

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"Winning And Losing"
By Shervin Sardari
10 May 2016

Media sample for the TV documentary about a female box-champion

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Winning and Losing
By Shervin Sardari
15 Jun 2016

“Golden Baby” Eva Voraberger is going for it: the 26-year-old super flyweight champion of the world is going to fight Esmeralda Moreno of Mexico. Eva is up against a tough boxer: Moreno is currently number three in the world and has more than twice the points Eva does. But for Eva, there is more at stake than her three world championship titles. The winner of the coming fight has a shot at the top: an international match in Las Vegas against the number one in the world.

The documentary “Goldrausch” (“Winning and Losing”) is an intimate portrait of the Austrian boxer Eva Voraberger, showing the intense preparations for this all-or-nothing fight. Adding to the physical demands of training comes an emotional blow as she learns that her boyfriend has cancer. But in the same way he has her back in the ring, she has his in the fight against his disease.

Video: XDCAM HD422, 50mbps, 1080i50
Audio: CH 1/CH2 = natural sound + music (stereo)