auniket zakir hossain chowdhury

Outing is always refreshing for me; so whenever possible I used to go for it. For doing so, my supporting friends were always there for me. Most of them were photo freak and the photos they took were really vivid and lively. Cherishing memories by looking at those pictures was always inspirational for me. So I also decided to do the same with my camera. By that time I got a bunch of friends who are photographers and those new friends give a new dimension to my love for the photos. From them I got to know that clicking pictures and a good piece of photography is not the same thing. Snapshots that they took never failed to thrill me. In fact those charming photos touched my soul, so I decided to be a photographer like them.

This is how my journey has started towards photography. To become a photographer I prefer to observe people’s work first and a bit of online study for the warming up session. After doing so I started to take pictures on my weekend because on that time I was doing a job of an accountant in an office. Still there was something missing, so I privilege my dream over my job and left it. Because I got to know that photography has become a valuable part of my life. So I switch my profession and become a photographer, more specifically a real-life photographer who will always portrays people’s happiness, grief and their emotions through his lens and that by doing so it will give me a feeling of a successful photographer...

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