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Sam here, am an Independent Filmmaker. I have worked with local and international media and film production firms to tell stories.

I am a Director and Writer, these two to be honest are my weaknesses.

On any given day am available for work in Africa and Beyond.

If interested do not hesitate to contact me.



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Chinese Premier Visits Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
By Sam Charo
10 May 2014

May 9-11, 2014

Nairobi, Kenya

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a three day visit to Kenya, May 9 to 11, 2014

Africa’s relationship with China in the recent years have been cordial, Kenya’s no exception, the Premier’s visit in the country is seen a practical effort of China stamping its foot in Eastern Africa.

With regards to development the Chinese government signed trade deals that will enable the country fit in competitively with the rest of the world, in manufacturing, transport and bilateral trade sectors.

The Chinese government donated 10 million USD to fight poaching, it also pledged to fund 85% of the construction of Kenya’s standard gauge railway that will ease the flow of goods from Mombasa port to the rest of Eastern Africa including South Sudan.

Interviewees: (Fill the name, the profession, brief what he says)

Name –Uhuru Kenyatta; President of Kenya

Name – Li Keqiang; Chinese Premier

Name – Yoweri Museveni; President of Uganda wearing a hat.

Shot List: (Description of various shots in the video)

− Various shots of: Premier’s Inspection of the Guard of Honor − Various shots of: The Press conference − Various shots of:The Neighboring President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda addressing the Press. − Various shots of: President Kenyatta Talking − Various shots of:Premier shaking hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta − Various shots of: Premier’s translator translating what the Premier’s said.

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Denouncement from Kenya's Muslims to ...
Nairobi, Kenya
By Sam Charo
25 Sep 2013

The Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, was recently the site of a terrorist attack, claimed by Al Qaeda-linked militant group, Al-Shabab, based in the horn of Africa. 67 people were killed and 62 injured in the dramatic 4-day siege that came to a close on Tuesday, September 24.

-Various of cars on the streets -Various of police men and police vans -Various of the shopping mall with the crime scene tape -Various of street shots -Various of ploice officers holding guns -Various of journalist reporting. -Various of police officers bording a landrover -Various of journists -Various of Westgate mall -Various of Jamia Mosque -Various of people in the streets

(INT 1) Yahya Abdulkadir Sheikh: “ I am called Yahya Abdulkadir Sheikh, it is too unfortunate, religion of Islam does not allow people to be killed innocent people in the world”

(INT 2) Zekaria Mohamed Salaam Aleikum my name is Zekaria from Nairobi one of the youth in Nairobi, surely what happened in21st of September in Nairobi in 2013 wasn’t Islamic issue indeed it was the terrorist as you understand terrorism is a global issue not about Islam neither Christians for some people who have started propaganda that Islam have done this and that for sure we condemn it we fought against it(lulls into Arabic) let them believe what they want for God knows who is right and who is wrong”

(INT 3) Abdulahi Galgalo “ My name is Abdulahi Galgalo, am former secretary youth affairs, FORD KENYA and the president of East and Central Africa ,NASCO, I thinkt that if we talk about muslim and the thing which has happened in westaget is two different things, if you look at Alshabab, they are not really a muslim , a muslim is not allowed to kill, they are not allowed to kill, they are not allowed to fight anybody who is innocent, they have killed kids, if you look at Somalia, there is 300 doctors, when they graduated and came back home they went in and did their party, they bombed them with their family, the 300 hundred doctors, this are not human beings”

(INT 4) Abdenasir Guyo “ I greet you all the viewers with the Islamic greeting of Asalam Aleikum,…..(Arabic) may peace be upon you all, I condemn in the strongest possible terms being a muslim I just wanted to tell the viewrs that isalam does not support such acts of terrosrism, because Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, Islam is religion of peace the teachings of Islam tells us that if one kills, if one kills an innocent human being its as though he has killed the whole of humanity if he saves ahuman beings life its if he has saved the whole of human kind, the humanity.”

(INT 5) Zakia Mohamed “I am Zakia Mohamed, and muslim does not allow terrorism, and those who were affected in the Westgate siege am sorry for them muslims and christians are supposed to be one and Kenyans are one”

Filmed by Sam Charo.

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Aging with Regrets
Nairobi, Kenya
By Sam Charo
08 Aug 2013

An old woman worries about her aging without insurance and benefits. For a long time the Kenyan government had an elitist retirement scheme. One woman tells her journey on finding her daily bread and shares her fears for not having a sound insurance mechanism to shield her on her sunset years.

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Chronicles of Africa's Largest Slum
Nairobi, Kenya
By Sam Charo
01 Jul 2013

This is Dandora, Africa's largest slum, the African Slum Journal follows people who eke out a living by scavenging through the junkyard.
Its not only a convergence of humanity with filth, grime and dirt but also a haven of risks of diseases.
The scavengers feed on leftovers, for ages men and women in neighboring communities have been working here to find a source of income, food and find sustainable livelihood.