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Transterra Media is dedicated to providing a genuine space for promising journalists aged 13–25 years old to create, collaborate, and share their stories to TTM’s network of 250 media outlets worldwide.


Transterra Media’s Youth Division aims to build a worldwide cadre of young mobile journalists “MoJos,” by providing them with the skills, equipment, knowledge and professional network to create broadcast quality media for youth, and by youth.

TTM leverages its network of over 2,000 local journalists to mentor the MoJos to create their stories, develop professional connections, and build their technical skills for a future career in journalism.


TTM incentivizes the process by incorporating its “market-driven sustainability” approach into the project whereby 70 % of any revenue is given back to the MoJos and their mentor, while the remaining 30 % is re-invested back into the project to purchase more equipment and cover operational costs.

TTM Youth is working today to ensure there is a future generation of high-quality journalists with real world experience to reimagine the role of media in the 21st Century. One of the ways this is being achieved is through projects such as Voices4Change.


V4C Mission

The V4C Program works with leading media outlets, such as Al-Arabia, in promoting youth voices as a vital part of the ongoing political, social, and economic transformations currently shaping in the region. Specific objectives include:

  • To build knowledge and skills in using traditional and new media;
  • To promote awareness, among young people, of ongoing political processes in individual country and across the MENA region;
  • To amplify, through traditional and new media, youth voices and views on the ongoing political transitions;
  • To promote civic engagement and activism on the part of young people locally, nationally and regionally.


“Amplifying Youth Voices for Change” is a project that aims to empower Arab youth across the MENA region through media, and positively influence national and regional debates on democracy and human rights. In cooperation with Global Nomads Group (GNG), Transterra Media (TTM) launched the Voices4Change program in December 2012 with the goal of creating a cadre of 600 young media activists in the MENA region with the confidence, skills and access to make their voices heard.

Throughout the duration of the project, youth participants will be assigned a Media Mentor who is an experienced media professional from a local media organization. The Mentor will provide media literacy training and guidance to the participants as they develop joint media projects with their peers.

By the end of the program, MoJos will have learned how to pitch, write, script, produce, film, and edit short videos, or micro-documentaries around social topics of their choice.

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