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Shiite Militias Replace Iraqi Army on...
By mushtaq mohammed
26 May 2015

Karbala, Iraq
May 26, 2015

Militants from Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades) Shiite militia, part of the Popular Mobilization military umbrella group, have taken positions along the border between the province of Karbala and Ramadi area that had been abandoned by the Iraqi army.
The footage shows the deputy governor of Karbala province and officers from Iraqi government forces on visiting Saraya al-Salam positions and inspecting ammunition that was left by Iraqi troops.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Ammar al-Anaizi, Official Spokesperson of Saraya al-Salam
00:30 – 01:25

“Today, while conducting patrols in the area under our control, we found some vehicles and weapons that have the insignia of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior [that were left] during the recent battles in Anbar. We coordinated with our brethren in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense – specifically in the command of the central Euphrates area – who were told about the number of vehicles and weapons found.
Our brethren [the officials] visited Saraya al-Salam’s base to coordinate the transportation of this equipment.
There are no administrative borders that could prevent Saraya al-Salam from safeguarding this country. All of this is done in coordination with the Iraqi government and state. God willing, we shall fight against this brute aggression, intellectually, politically and militarily.”

01:25 – 01:51
“This district lies in the western and south-western parts of Karbala. The district falls under the control of Saraya al-Salam, which is protecting the land and people in this area.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Jassem al-Fatlawy, Deputy Governor of Karbala Province
04:12 – 04:52

“We are close to the border with Anbar province – the beloved province that has been violated by ISIS. We are here today to inspect the units and bases of our brothers from the Popular Mobilization, especially Saraya al-Salam, who took control of these positions. The presence of Saraya al-Salam members in this area promoted security in Karbala. This province will not be subject to any assaults by terrorists. In other areas, wherever Saraya al-Salam was present there was security. ISIS does not dare to confront Saraya al-Salam.

04:52 – 05:06

Q: What is preventing [Saraya al-Salam] from entering Anbar?
A: The instructions given by his Eminence Sayyid [Muqtada al-Sadr] are to defend the sacred provinces. If his Eminence gives orders to enter [Anbar], the brothers will do so. Lives are not too precious to be sacrificed for the sake of this precious country.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Ahmad Abu Ali, Fighter of Saraya al-Salam
05:07 – 05:27

“Our unit is part of Saraya al-Salam, which is responsible for protecting sacred Karbala. According to the instructions of His Eminence, the holy shrines are a red line. No terrorist can desecrate them. We are fully prepared at all times. We are on full alert. God willing, we shall achieve victory and liberate Iraq.”

05:27 – 05:44
“Q: Why did you not enter areas that are currently held by ISIS? Are you worried of any lack of equipment? A: No, there is no such lack. We are specialised in gathering information in order to put a plan. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] We have a complete military plan.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Maitham, Fighter of Saraya al-Salam
“Q: Why have you not entered areas held by ISIS? Are you worried about any lack of weapons? A: We follow the orders of leader [Muqtada al-Sadr] may he be sanctified. If he says that we should jump in the fire we would do it. But we follow the orders of our leader.”

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Ukraine: Fragile Ceasefire Marred by ...
By Azad Safarov
18 Apr 2015

Ukrainian members of the Azov Batallion exchange machine gun fire with pro-Russian separatists on the Shyrokyne front line, near Mariupol in east Ukraine. Despite the recent ceasefire, firefights and shelling resume, amid fears that the fragile ceasefire is on the verge of breaking down. The commander of the battalion says that the situation in Shyrokyne is very unstable, as pro-Russian separatists continue to fire machine guns and mortars towards their positions.

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Ammunition Depot Near Sanaa Targeted ...
By assamawy
30 Mar 2015

Sanaa, Yemen
March 30, 2015

Coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia targeted the mountain of Faj Atan, just south of Sanaa, for the second time on March 30, 2015. This video shows four positions being targeted in Faj Atan during the daytime, a rare occurrence since the beginning of operation Decisive Storm against Houthi rebels.

This area, held by the Houthis, is the site of ammunition depots that are believed to contain ballistic missiles.

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Air Strike on Weapons Depot in Sanaa
By assamawy
30 Mar 2015

March 30, 2015
Sanaa, Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition carries on its bombing campaign in Yemen, striking a missile silo in Faj Atan just south of Sanaa. After the initial airstrike, widespread flames could be seen for over two hours and were accompanied by violent explosions as the military base continued to burn.

According to reports by the Saudi news channel Al-Arabiya, the Houthi-controlled depot contained ballistic missiles.

The Saudi-led campaign spokesman, Brigadier-General Ahmed Asiri, was quoted by Al-Jazeera on Monday 30 March as saying that coalition forces had also destroyed a ballistic missile as Houthi fighters tried to launch it.

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Explosion At Houthi Munition Depot in...
Aden, Yemen
By anisalbareq
28 Mar 2015

Close view of an explosion that rocked a munitions depot belonging to Houthi rebels in the southern port city of Aden, in Yemen, on Saturday, March 28th. Unverified reports say that fighters loyal to former President Ali Abdallah Saleh have attacked the installation, located in al-Hadid Mountain in the outskirts of Aden. Reports say that at least 20 Houthi fighters have died in the explosion.

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Explosion in Ammunition Depot Near Aden
By Dhaifallah Homran
28 Mar 2015

Video shows flames erupting from what is believed to be an ammunition storage facility in Mount al-Hadid, which oversees the southern Yemeni seaport city of Aden. The footage also shows a number of people who were injured in the incident at a hospital.

The depot, which had been held by forces loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, an ally of the Houthis, was being looted.

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Serekaniye or Ras al Ayn (12 of 17)
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
23 Apr 2013

Osama and Haitem prepare newly delivered kalashnikovs and ammunition. The FSA command structure decides who receives which weapons. As Osama's brigade is relatively small (50 men) they don't get as many heavy weapons as they would want. Usama had a hard time getting proper weaponry from the FSA leaders of the Hasaka district. Many of Osama's men would prefer to fight for Jabhat al Nusra, as they have good weapons and claim many victories. In the last fights in Ras al Ayn, they fought together with Nusra as allies.

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Front Line of the Battle for Muhammad...
Mohamed Mahmoud, Cairo, Egypt
By Beirut Editor's Picks
21 Nov 2011

November 21, 2011 - Cairo
The front line in Muhammad Mahmoud St., an entrance to Tahrir Square, where protesters fought with stones and the police used bullets and tear gas. A protester shows the empty gas bombs.

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Libya (27 of 40)
Misrata, Libya
By George Henton
25 May 2011

Ammunition is stacked symmetrically on the highway heading west and away from the central Libyan city of Misrata towards a frontline position at Al Dafniyeh, Libya, 26 May 2011. Despite pushing forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi out of the city centre, rebel forces made slow progress in the more open and rural areas outside of the city due in part to the dominance of heavy weapons belonging to those forces loyal to Gaddafi and in spite of NATO airstrikes. GEORGE HENTON.

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Fear and Ammo in a Texas Suburb (29 o...
Dallas, Texas
By Spike Johnson
01 Sep 2010

Harold Rosenbaum shows off his assault rifle collection, against a backdrop of toy soldiers. "God, I miss that life," he says.

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Fear and Ammo in a Texas Suburb (28 o...
Dallas, Texas
By Spike Johnson
01 Sep 2010

Middle-aged men practice commando rolls and magazine reloading with women in their mid-20s - women armed not just with Glock pistols but also with AR-15 rifles. Members say that since 9/11, there has been increased interest in training.