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A Dying Army, A Dying Clinic, and a D...
By adrian
17 Mar 2014

In the Turkish border town of Rehyanli, sometimes dubbed the “rebel resort”, the injured and exhausted remnants of the once powerful Free Syrian Army seek medical treatment in a Syrian run clinic that itself is barely surviving.

Established by a defected Syrian Army medic, the clinic hosts both Syrian refugees and fighters injured in the war with a focus on long term rehabilitation. Amongst the patients is a young FSA fighter named Abu Djud. Abu Djud was an archaeology student from Aleppo who took up arms after the uprising began and was injured by shrapnel. He was evacuated to Dr. Rahhal’s clinic and had his leg amputated. He is now passing time in Reyhanli, waiting for his stump to heal and to buy a sports grade prosthetic leg. This story profiles the injured FSA fighters seeking treatment in Dr. Rahhal’s clinic. The stories of the once optimistic and now battered and sidelined young revolutionaries will reflect the withering of the Free Syrian Army in the face of growing radical opposition groups and an emboldened Syrian Army.

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The syrian nakba 44
By adrian
16 Jun 2013

Wael, 40. Idlib city, 17 months. "Life memories"

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Hatay Conflict
Hatay, Turkey
By Ibrahim Karci
24 May 2013

Reyhanlı, a small town in Hatay on the Syrian border where the biggest terrorist bomb attack, of Turkey's history, was executed on 11th of May caused 51 people killed and this is how the government trying to control the raising rage of the people protesting against government policy adressing Alawit people which might cause a secterian conflict in the region .
Mustafa 25 years old university student, who works in a local sisha shop to finance his studies, was taken into custody beacuse of the pacisfist pancarte that he was carrying in the protest.
-I lost my cousin and 2 of my classmates in the bomb attack. When I was carrying that pancarte I was just remembering their dead bodies, their eyes. I just wanted to protest the policy of the government. Everybody would do the same thing.

Hatay is very diverse city and people from all kind different backgrounds have been living there without any problem for centuries. Reyhanlı is having dozens of visitors everyday from all around Turkey, that they all have same motivation.

-We are here as mothers, we are coming from all around Turkey but now we are all from Reyhanlı. We are all sisters and brothers, this is a big project, we are all aware of the game and we are aware who is the responsible. We will never let it happen.

The recent policy of the government reaised the fear of secterian conflict .

The spokesperson representing more than 20
NGO's in Hatay province.

- The government is disregarding the sensitive situation of Hatay. We have the impression that the statements given by the government is targeting Alawite people here, and this might cause a secterian conflict here, it is not only Alawite who are anxious but also Sunnis and Christians.

Ferit Hannoud working as an accoutant, an activist who is the member of Christian community.

-We already had the fear of the probable spread of the confliction in Syria to Hatay. And after the bomb attack the journalist taken to custody and the pressure by government makes us feel really uncomfortable.

This is one of the protests that are being held almost everyday organized by different activisit groups and opposition party.
Opposition Party Parliamenter "Hasan Akgöl" representing Hatay

-We've been warning the goverment since the Syrian confliction started. We've said them many times that they are in the wrong way and should keep the relation steady with the Syria with which we have a lof of cultural and ethnic connection but they've never listened. Alawite community Leader "Ali Yeral"

-Government always accused us of being Essad or Baas supporter when we said we are against the war between brothers. But we've never accused them for supporting Nato,Usa,El Kaide,Taliban,El Nusra,Imperialism, Sionism. Because our moral and belief wouldn't let us to say so. Emre Student-Activist

-The Rulers in Turkey should get their power from the public instead of going to USA and getting Obama's advice and permission.While we're having huge pain here the Prime Minister is visiting USA to have a meeting with Obama. Armenian Community Leader "Cem Çapar"

-As the people of Hatay we've been living in Peace as Armenian,Turkish,Sunni,Alawit and we always defend our right together regardless of our background and we will not let this spark to start a fire.

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The syrian nakba 36
By adrian
06 May 2013

Nour, 25, Mara'at al Nouman, Idlib, Syria. 7 months. "Lonely" 7th May 2013