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FSA fighter Reciting anti Bashar Assa...
By b.yaacoub
11 Dec 2014

FSA fighter Reciting anti Bashar Asad poem before battle against ISIS

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A Story of a Fighter and his Gun
Homs, Syria
By Smart Media
01 May 2013

Wa’el Abu Rayan, known to his peers as Abu-Adou was a common construction worker from Al Rastan. A married father of two, Abus has been noted for his obsession with his gun - it never leaves his side.

Emerging from the debris of his bombed out hometown, Abu retreats to the countryside to aid in the training of local would-be fighters. After a day of training he returns home to his family though the gun doesn't leave from his person.

The family man bought his gun by borrowing money from various people and holds it to protect his home town and loved ones. It has become a piece of him, an extra limb, and gives Abu reassurance that it will preserve his “dignity and honour”.

With his gun in one hand and embracing his son with the other he states that he fights to defend the children of Syria.