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Bahraini religious figures congregate...
By Media Made by Bahraini People
13 Sep 2012

Bahrain, September 13, 2012

Bahraini religious figures congregate to protest the American film, “The Innocence of Muslims,” mirroring the string of protests that have occurred in other countries around the region. This demonstration was kept non-violent compared to the others in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

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Damascus, Syria
By Transterra Editor
04 Jul 2012

„A little bit of Damascus“ is a film, which shows another face of Damascus, than it use to be presented nowadays. It was filmed in summer 2012 in the streets of Old Damascus. It shows its people, streets and monuments like Umayyad mosque or Khan As´ad Pasha. The main part of the video belongs to Ayman al-Ouf, who has a shop with wooden mosaic boxes. During the film he speaks two funny stories about Damascus. The first story is about two men who used to smoke hashish and earned a lot of money only because they created imaginery person of sheikh al-Zengi, who was originally insect. The second one is about Abu Ezzat al-Bagajati and his servant, who were known for their sense of humour. There is also third story which is about Old Damascus and prophets who are buried there or visited the city. The video has unusual edition because on the screen can be one till four shots in the same time. First four minutes are black-and-white, then it is coloured.

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The Raouche Rock
By Saad.Salih
03 Jul 2012

Here there is a high buildings and long Cornice, Here you can find the Origin people and displaced people from all Different Communities and Sects, Here there is no Mosque or Church to resort by any believer, and here there is the old houses which lost its memory among the high Modern buildings, Here al Raouche and the White sand. Here is the story of an arid land transfer by magic to a meters sold with the highest prices but it's also a story of a rich people and poor people separated in their own places, the high buildings for the riches and the long Cornice is for the poor people, Nothing in Common, only the blue sea and the Rock of the Doves and the Seagulls..Al Raouche Rock

Al Raouche Rock, it's a touristic Lebanese Place, contain tow big rocks near to Al Raouche area`s beach in the sea of western Beirut.

Some Geologists suppose that the rock of Al Raouche appear because of several strong earthquakes hit the western sea of Beirut in the thirteenth Century, this earthquake led to the elimination of many inhabited islands at that time and replaced by many rocks like Al Raouche rock.

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2012 TriBeCa Film Festival - Premiere...
New York, USA
By Genesis Broadcasting Network (TTM-TV1)
21 Apr 2012

Exclusive Interview with Alina Orlova and Sunsay, major Russian and CIS media stars featured in the documentary 'Russian Winter', premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York

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2012 TriBeCa Film Festival - Premiere...
New York, USA
By Genesis Broadcasting Network (TTM-TV1)
21 Apr 2012

Exclusive Interview with Peter Ringbom, Director of the Documentary 'Russian Winter' that premiered at the 2012 TriBeCa Film Festival in New York

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Interview with syrian film maker Hava...
Cairo, Egypt
By a.fatah85
16 Feb 2012

Cairo, February 17,2012

00:00 -00:10 I’m Haval Kasso, Syrian film maker, from Ruckn Al-Din, Damascus.

00:11-00:19 A long time ago Rukn al-Din was for Kurds only in Damascus, after that it became mixed.

00:20- 00:30 This mix came from all cities and villages.

00:35- 00:44 We all are from the Kurds of Syria, who came from the north, these are the Kurds in Al-Hassaka, Halab.

01:21-01:36 From our neighborhoods many get hurt, martyrs. Rukn al-Din was one of the places that started the revolution.

01:37- 02:01 Maybe it was from moves by Kurds, not because there are Kurds or Syrians because all Syrian people, all sects and nationalities, are against oppression and tyranny .

02:10- 02:13 The revolution united people more.

03:12- 03:16 The Revolution called for freedom and dignity.

03: 20 – 03: 33 All Syrian people with the revolution, there are “Alawies” with the revolution, Christians, some of them are martyrs , some is activists, there are Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis .

03:34 -03:45 All people need revolution, the people want freedom, dignity and justice. They are against the regime which includes Shiites and Sunnis.

03:55 - 04:10 The situation now in Egypt, after revolution, gives us more space to express our revolution.
04:11 -04:31 The Egyptian people are similar to the Syrian people, and their heart is with us, there is sympathy and interaction from the Egyptian people, standing by our side.

04:32 -04:44 Activities that we can do now, because there is a space to express ourselves without ridiculous comments to hear, or people against us.

04:45 - 05:14 Bashar and his father never were Israel's enemy, for 40 years Israel captured the Golan Heights and he has not fired a single bullet. And three times Israeli Air Force was able to fly in the Syrian sky, we lost our dignity every time he was saying “Syria reserves the right to respond”!!

05:44 -06 :07 Before the revolution last March, I tried to go to Syria as a filmmaker; I wanted to document what’s happening there, but I could not. So I started to get to know the Syrian community in Egypt, then demonstrated in front of the Embassy.

06:08 We started to think how we can support the revolution from outside, and I started to make some short videos, organize a demonstration every two or three days---- we take our strength from the Syrian street.

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Front line of Mohamed Mahmoud Street - 3
Mohamed Mahmoud, Cairo, Egypt
By Beirut Editor's Picks
20 Nov 2011

November 21, 2011- Cairo

Front line of Mohamed Mahmoud St, protesters trying to escape from teargas, but some of them staying to film.

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It's All in Lebanon (English)
Beirut, Lebanon
By Charaf
15 Mar 2011

Beirut, Lebanon

Since the end of the Lebanese civil war in 1990, Lebanon has become a hot bed of both entertainment and news media production in the Arab world. Amongst the melee of risque Arabic music videos and luxury television commercials, the Shia political movement Hezbollah has proved to be one of the most media savvy institutions in the country, using film, television, music, and masterful political stagecraft to further its image in the minds of Lebanese and the international community. From the flashy music videos of Haifa Wehbe to the resistance videos of Hezbollah, this film follows the tumultuous post-civil war history of Lebanon through its fertile media industry.

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The Dreams of Sparrows
By aaron.raskin
20 Feb 2011

Iraqi Director Hayder Daffar's history first documentary in post-Saddam Iraq. After the capture of Saddam, DAFFAR'S search for the truth takes him through all walks of life in Iraq, into the arts and culture of Baghdad, drawing the viewer into powerful encounters with Iraqi painters, writers and filmmakers. As the film continues, the interviews veer towards the politics of occupation and resistance, concluding with the battle over Falluja and the devastating death of one of the crew members. In somber self interviews made following the production, the filmmakers reveal the dramatic changes in their beliefs caused not only by the situation in Iraq, but also by the process of documenting it.

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The Light In The Cave (Subtitles)
By sarakeawal
24 Sep 2010

This film features the story of the filmmaker, Suleiman Amanzad, who survived the genocide of the residents of Bamyan province in central Afghanistan by the Taliban in 1999. The filmmaker was four years old when the Taliban captured their village and began massacring people.

His family and other villagers hid themselves in a cave near the village, and this is how they survived the genocide. After that the family of the filmmaker move to Kabul, where Suleiman gets a chance to go to school. He also gets a scholarship from the US Embassy of Kabul and attends one year of high school in the United States.

The film is eight minutes long.