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South Africa
By Frank
09 May 2014

Benedict Daswa, a devout Roman Catholic from rural Limpopo Province, South Africa, is set to become South Africa's first saint. The church, in the diocese of Tzaneen, lead by Bishop Joao Rodriguez is finalizing the process that could see Benedict Daswa beatified and then canonized for his martyrdom.

Daswa, was fourtysix at the time he was murdered in 1990, by an angry mob of villagers, for refusing to partecipate in hiring a withcdoctor, which He himself strongly refused to believe in that practice, to sniff out those they believed were responsibile for lighting strikes in the area.

" The Cause of Benedict Daswa is martyrdom, we believe he was kill in hatred of the Faith which he publicly and privately professed" Says Bishop Rodriguez.

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Stateless Part 2
Kampala, Geneva, London, Chicago
By DocuProf
03 Jan 2013

Since the 1994 Genocide, Rwandan refugees from that conflict- and from subsequent events- have created a population of over 150,000 (some say 250,00) living around the world.
In June of 2013, most of these refugees will lose their refugee status and be forced back to Rwanda by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and host countries.
The refugees fear repatriation to a country they see as oppressive, dictatorial and discriminatory.

This film explores why it is NOT a proper time to invoke this return by the UN and host countries.

It has interviews with major figures in refugee studies, Paul Rusesabagina (The REAL "Hotel Rwanda" person), Theogene Rudesingwa (former Ambassador to the US from Rwanda) who has been exiled as well as UN officials, Human Rights activists and refugees themselves.
Much of the film was actually shot by the refugees.
46 min long for a broadcast hour