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Throwing tear gas back
Cairo, Egypt
By thembalewis
29 Jun 2011

Protesters in Tahrir have undergone 12 straight hours of tear gas barrages from members of the Central Security Forces (CSF). Many are wounded, and those on the front line are taking the greatest casualties.

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Tahrir Square Tear Gas Made
By andrewbossone
28 Jan 2011

Protestors hold up a can of tear gas and shout "Made in USA!" and say in Arabic "These are American weapons," on January 28, 2011 during protests en route to occupy Tahrir Square. First half is in Arabic, second half with subtitles.

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Egypt Bread Riots in 1977
By Video Cairo Sat
19 Jan 1977

The mass popular uprising in 1977 following the lifting of the bread subsidies.