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Beirut Scenic and Street Shots
Beirut, Lebanon
By mchreyteh
05 Feb 2016

Various shots of Beirut streets, people using smart phones and walking in Beirut Souks shopping center.

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الخياطون، مؤشر لحمام الدم الذي قد يشه...
By Reda Kareem
08 Jul 2014

الخياطون، مؤشر لحمام الدم الذي قد يشهده العراق

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Destruction of Homs 06
By yazan1985
07 Jan 2014

File photo shows destructions in the Syrian city of Homs, in March 2014.

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Door that leads to destruction
Aleppo, Syria
By Yusuf mousa
29 Mar 2013

Walls and rooftops next the rear wall of the Umayya Mosque were collapsed by rockets used by Assad's regime in the Old City of Aleppo.

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Covered souk in the old city of Aleppo
Aleppo, Syria
By Yusuf mousa
28 Mar 2013

It was a covered souk built in 1180 AD, but the regime forces bombed the area during the excessive fighting in the city.

Souk Antakia , old city of Aleppo