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Refugees of Tawergha
Tripoli, Libya
By Mustafa Fetouri
18 Apr 2016

Tawergha is a Libyan coastal town about 300 km west of the capital Tripoli. It used to be home to nearly 40 thousand people. After Muammar Gaddafi was toppled, thanks to the help of NATO, the militias of nearby Misrata (40 km west of Tawergha) forced the entire population of Tawergha out and completely destroyed the town.

Tawerghans are Libyan Sunni Muslims just like the rest of the population however they are black. The Misrata militias accused them of fighting for the Gaddafi regime. Since 2011 not a single Tawerghan has returned home. For the last five years they have been living in makeshift camps scattered around Libya. Four such camps, home to nearly 4000 people, are around Tripoli. These photos are of the airport road camp, home to more than 2000 men, women, & children.