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Eyes Wide Shut Masks
Venice, Italy
By Filippo Biagianti
23 May 2014

Rialto, Venice. In a short but remarkable workshop, in 1985 Franco Cecamore has created two original masks for the Venice Carnival. Twelve years later, a man with white coloured men's clothing, came to that shop: the man was Jan Harlan, executive producer of one of the last movies directed by Stanley Kubrick. He visited "Il Canovaccio" in order to buy several masks. One of them would be used by Kubrick in his last masterpiece "Eyes Wide Shut" for the character of Dr. Bill Harford, played by Tom Cruise. This documentary is the incredible and unknown story behind the creation of the most important masks of "Eyes Wide Shut." The artisans of this typical Italian product say that the origin of the art makes it a unique product. Original documents, photographs and the description of the meeting with the Kubrick's production make this the story we tell in our film.