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Iraqi Troops Use IED Against ISIS Sui...
By mushtaq mohammed
11 May 2015

Baiji, Iraq
May 11, 2015

Video shows Shiite Popular Mobilization militia and Iraqi government reinforcements being deployed in the Himrin Mountains near the oil refinery of Baiji to the north of Baghdad.
The footage also includes a large explosion resulting from a remotely detonated roadside bomb that targeted what is believed to be an ISIS suicide car bomb. Iraqi forces had planted this explosive device on their last defense line to thwart attacks by ISIS.
ISIS took over several positions from Iraqi forces in this area on May 9 before they were pushed back in a counter offensive.


Various of military helicopters and vehicles
Wide of Iraqi forces vehicles destroyed by ISIS
Wide of large explosion set off against ISIS suicide bomber
Various of Iraqi government and Shiite militia forces
Wide of killed ISIS fighter corpse

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unnamed Popular Mobilization Fighter

“We started the battle this morning.
We inflected many casualties in their ranks. There were Saudis and Qataris among them. God willing, we will win over them.

“[We are obeying the marja’iya [Ayatollah Sistani] and for us this jihad. This is sacred for us – to defend our homeland and wise marja’iya.”

“There were no losses in our ranks. Our losses were very small. Thanks be to God.”

Various of military Humvees
Wide of fighters receiving food
Wide of fighters resting

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Shiite 'Ali al-Akbar Brigade' in Acti...
Baiji, Iraq
By mushtaq mohammed
02 May 2015

Baiji, Iraq
May 2, 2015

Video shows fighters from the Shiite Ali al-Akbar Brigde militia firing different sorts of weapons against positions held by ISIS near Baiji, Iraq. The footage also includes shots taken with a camera attached to a fighter's body.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Qassem Musleh, Commander of Ali al-Akbar Brigade, part of the Popular Mobilization military umbrella group

02:55- 05:00

“After we started scouting deep territories held by the enemy, we are entering these territories to know the enemy’s military formations and weapons. The latest information we have received was that there is a large number of foreign fighters in this area. Baiji area has practically fallen militarily and we have surrounded the enemy in these areas, which are in the range of our fire. These areas are Maleha, Baiji and what is known here as Mazraa Watwan.
Thanks be to God, several of their vehicles have been burnt and a bridge, which was their only outlet and provision line, has been controlled. Last night we managed to… before that we were able to enter the area of Mazraa, which was the most dangerous area. It was one of their training posts and fortified strongholds.
We were able to infiltrate and discover what the enemy had. However, we were scared of the booby traps they had set up. Today, thanks be to God, the engineering corps advanced with excavation vehicles and opened the road. We were able to march ahead and hit the fence surrounding the orchard, which was a real obstacle that they considered unreachable. Thanks be to God, we managed to break the first wall that surrounded the orchard and infiltrated that territory with a large number of snipers and light vehicles. We managed to strike the enemy and inflict heavy losses on it.
Thanks be to God, we managed to subdue them, but we were also supported by artillery shelling and airstrikes, which is why were able to reach this point without suffering any significant losses.”

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Popular Mobilization Forces in Baiji
By mushtaq mohammed
02 May 2015

Video shows fighters from the Popular Mobilization Iraqi Shiite militias on the battlefront against ISIS in Baiji.