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African Migrants Seek Aid in Rome
By Francesco Pistilli
15 Jun 2015

Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa gather and seek help to cope with their humanitarian situation at the Baobab Center, a small aid association in Rome. 

They are rescued from boats in Lampedusa and now wait for the chance to depart to Northern Europe. Baobab is a citizen association with volunteers that gives aid to refugees by providing food and shelter.

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Yemenis, Foreigners Flee Aden by Sea
Main Street, Aden,Yemen
By Amged Sabeeh
21 Apr 2015

April 21, 2015
Aden, Yemen

Dozens of Yemenis and foreigners are seen in this video, filmed at a seaport in Aden, preparing to travel in small boats to Djibouti or Somalia. According to local sources, around 400 people are fleeing through the port of Aden every day. Most of them travel illegally to east Africa.

The trip to Somalia costs 50 US dollars per person and takes about 16 hours, while it costs 90 dollars per person to reach Djibouti, in a trip that takes about 12 hours by sea.


Various of boats near the dock
Various of Aden port entrance
Various of passengers and militiamen inside the seaport
Wide of travellers waiting in seaport parking lot
Traveling of boat carrying passengers
Various of people embarking on boat hoisting Yemeni and Djiboutian flags
Interview with Yemeni man fleeing to Djibouti

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unnamed Yemeni Fleeing Aden

“In the name of God, I am one of the people who have been affected by this war – the aggression by Houthi and his aides, who have bombed our homes. We are unarmed people and now we are homeless. We have become refugees in our homeland.”

“We were forced to flee to Djibouti. We do not want to leave our country, but we do not have homes any more. We are suffering a lot because of the invasion by [Abdul Malik] Houthi, who does not fear God. He has no mercy for women or children. As you can see, many people are fleeing. Their homes have been destroyed. Children have become homeless.”

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Boats-full of Yemen Refugees Arrive i...
By Edouard Dufrasne
19 Apr 2015

People escape the ongoing conflict in Yemen, arriving by boat in Djibouti. US Ambassador to Djibouti Tom Kelly greets some as they arrive.

Among those arriving, several do not claim to seek refugee status, but say they are transiting to other destinations where they plan to meet family.

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Yemeni Refugees Seek Refuge in Djibouti
By Edouard Dufrasne
18 Apr 2015

Refugees fleeing the deadly conflict in Yemen seek refuge in Djibouti, ferried across the the Gulf of Aden by humanitarian workers and local ships. The UNHCR estimates that over 30,000 will end up in their camp in the north of Djibouti alone.

One refugee woman speaks of her journey, and how the current situation in the Middle East has forced her to move with her disabled husband and three children three times: from Aleppo where they all lived - now one of the areas of the fiercest fighting in Syria's civil war - to the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp outside Damascus - recently under attack both by Assad's forces and Islamic State militants - to Aden, where the ongoing conflict in Yemen once again displaced her family.

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Refugees Flee Yemen on Oil Tanker
By Transterra Editor
15 Apr 2015

Refugees from different parts of Yemen, who were able to reach Aden, board an oil tanker leaving to Djibouti on April 15, 2015. The refugees are trying to escape the escalating violence as air strikes and ground-battles continue all over Yemen.
Transterra obtained this photo from a local employee of Aden port.