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Intense Combat Footage from Inside th...
By mushtaq mohammed
16 Apr 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
April 1, 2014

Inside footage, recorded with a camera attached to a cameraman’s body, offers an intimate look at a battle between Iraqi forces and ISIS over control of the city of Tikrit. Dozens of fighters from the Federal Police Special Forces, the Iraqi Army and Shiite militias advance through an open field to the sounds of heavy gunshots and flying warplanes.

Combatants, shouting war cries in praise of Muslim Shiite saints, quickly run through marshes and between low hills before reaching heavily war damaged buildings. The fighters stop when some of them suspect a booby-trapped wire before eventually recommencing their advance.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that his forces had recaptured the strategic city of Tikrit on Tuesday March 30, 2015. The official Iraqiya television station published a headline quoting the PM's words: “Tikrit has fallen to us. However, local sources in Tikrit say that ISIS still controls many parts of the city and that heavy fighting is still going on.

NAT Sound
(Arabic) 01:21 – 01:36

“There is a wire in front of me. It is a wire that triggers an explosive device. Bashir! Be careful! There is an explosive device. Do not move.”

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Heavy Clashes, Destruction in Mualla ...
By Amged Sabeeh
04 Apr 2015

Video of clashes and aftermath of shelling in the southern Yemeni city of Mualla near Aden.


Travelling of killed child’s funeral procession of a
Moving shot of damaged building

SOUNDBITE (Man, Arabic) Unnamed Resident of Mualla
00:24 – 00:56
“Let the world see. They are bombing unarmed people, who do not have any weapons at all. The world needs to stand with the people who are suffering from injustice. The dignity of people is under attack and women and children are under bombing. The world has to understand that these are war profiteers who need to tried in front of the world. Where is human conscience? They say that people in northern Yemen are our brothers. The war involves the south only. They want to annihilate the people of the south. This is the truth.”

Various of damaged building
Wide of street battle

SOUNDBITE (Man, Arabic) Unnamed Resident of Mualla
01:24 – 01:57

“The Houthis and their allies, as well as the traitor Ali Abdullah Saleh, are bombing inhabited buildings with tanks. We are standing against them with utmost bravery. Our men and women are fighting against them. We will resist them with the help of God. We shall not accept this. Children! They have killed our children! They have killed our children! They destroyed our homes! But we shall remain steadfast, God willing. We will resist them.”

Wide of street battle
Wide/ zoom in of fleeing civilians
Traveling of injured southern separatist fighter being carried into ambulance
Wide of street battle

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Iraqi Forces Sweep ISIS-Controlled A...
By mushtaq mohammed
31 Mar 2015

Iraqi government forces backed by the Ali al-Akbar Brigade Shiite militia that forms part of the umbrella militia group called the Popular Mobilization (al-Hashid al-Shaabi) clash with ISIS militants less than 2km from the heart of Tikrit.

Media reports quoted Iraqi army and Shiite militia commanders as saying their forces have retaken the Salahuddine province governor's headquarters in central Tikrit from ISIS.


Wide of officers reading a map
Wide of fighters advancing through large in a wall
Various of fighters setting up and firing a mortar
Wide of fighters firing machinegun mounted on armored vehicle
Wide of tank moving
Various of armored vehicles
Various of fighters shooting at remote buildings
Various of fighters running across open field
Wide of fighters and Iraqi flag on top of a building
Various of fighters running across open field
Various of fighters and armored vehicles
Wide of tank advancing
Wide of buildings being targeted with gunshots
Wide of smoke rising from explosion
Wide of fighter praying next to armored vehicle
Wide of fighters inside a moving armored vehicle
Various of fighters on top of a building shooting
Wide of fighter firing rocket-propelled grenade
Wide of a paramedic taking a fighter’s blood pressure