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Egyptian Revolution
Cairo, Egypt
By cbrog
08 Jun 2011

The army surrounds the acces to the presidential palace and prevents the crowd from approaching the building. However an officer will authorize a soldier to hang on an Egyptian flag handed by a revolutionary has the antenna of its tank after to have already agreed to turn the artillery of tanks in a direction opposite to the demonstrators.

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Egypt Protests for Reform
Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt
By davidpdietz
08 Apr 2011

Protests from Friday April 8th at Tahrir Square in Cairo.

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Somaliland Flag
Hargeisa, Somaliland
By MediaMikeDC
07 Mar 2011

Somaliland Flag waving at the Ambassador Hotel in Hargesia.

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Congratulations Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
By Beirut Editor's Picks
04 Feb 2011

Photo: H.F. The Arabic on the flag reads, "Congratulations."