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Peshmerga Check Refugees Returning to...
By mushtaq mohammed
24 Mar 2015

March 23, 2015
Kirkuk, Iraq

Iraqis who are finally returning to their villages in Kirkuk are searched intensively by Peshmerga fighters who liberated the area from ISIS control. The residents of the villages of Daquq, al-Said, al-Wahda are asked to provide proof of identity and made to sign agreements that they will not allow anyone from outside of the village to enter or stay there.

:عقيد عبدالله ضابط في اللواء الثالث في البيشمركة‎

هذه القرى هي الآن تحت سلطة اقليم كردستان العراق وبمساعدة من العشائر تمكنا من طرد داعش، والآن بعد تحرير مناطقهم تم تبليغ العوائل للعودة اليها."

نحن الآن نفتش وندقق مواكب الناس الذين قرروا العودة الى بيوتهم ونتأكد من عدم وجود مندس او مخرب بين صفوفهم عن طريق مختار المنطقة وضباط الامن والمخابرات وقد تم توقيع العوائل على تعهد بعدم ايواء الغرباء في بيوتهم "وكذلك التبليغ عن الغرباء ان وجدوا.

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Young Houthi Boys in Yemen Trained as...
By Dhaifallah Homran
01 Mar 2015

March 1, 2015
Amran, Yemen

Houthi children are being trained as fighters in a former Yemeni Army base.
Boys aged from 12 and up to teenagers are being taught by Houthi fighters how to handle and shoot rifles and fighting tactics.

Video shot at the former base of Yemeni Army, Mechanized Unit 310, in the Houth region in Amran province, in north east Yemen.

The base was captured by the Houthis in the summer of 2014, and during the battle the Yemeni Army commander of the base, general Hamid al-Qosheibi, was killed.

After their training the child soldiers are being assigned to man checkpoints and provide security at demonstrations.