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Iraqi Special Forces Clash with ISIS ...
By mushtaq mohammed
19 Apr 2015

This video shows Iraqi special forces trying to secure positions in the battle against ISIS in the outskirts of Ramadi on Sunday, April 19th as ISIS fighters have allegedly seized control of three Iraqi towns in the region.

Translation (2:23 - 2:32): Iraqi fighter shouts words of defiance against ISIS; exact words are not audible.

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Iraqi special forces patrol around Sa...
Samarra - Qulah Road, Samarra,Iraq
By mushtaq mohammed
27 Jan 2015

Iraqi special forces soldiers and popular troops from 9th Division, lead by General Neemat Jawdat Al Ankushi, patrol in the area of Samerra, Iraq, on January 22, 2015 just after villages of this area have been liberated from Daech or ISIS militants.