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Missile Hits Benghazi TV Station
By Mohammad Salama
09 Jul 2014

9 July 2014
Libya, Benghazi

A missile hits Benghazi TV station in the Topolino district of Libya's second largest city, causing severe damage to its studios.
The attack occurred in the early morning of Wednesday before employees had reached the TV station and is the first such attack against it.

The video has no audio.

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The Islamic Youth Shura Council Parad...
By joba
08 Apr 2014

Update: the Islamic Youth Shura Council declares its allegiance to ISIS in February 2015. 

Dozens of armed and masked gunmen from the "Islamic Youth Shura Council" militia roamed the streets of Derna in a military parade on April 7, 2014. According to activists, about 150 militants drove around Derna in SUVs. The "Islamic Youth Shura Council" issued a statement saying it plans to take over security in Derna. The group also announced the formation of a legal committee to settle differences between people and arrange reconciliations on the basis of Sharia law. Since the 2011 revolution, official institutions and security forces have been absent from Derna. After the parade, the militia sent its troops at the city's entrances and set up roadblocks and check-points.