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Libyan Traditional Dress Day
By Bujezia
13 Mar 2015

The Libyan Ministry of Culture and Civil Society in Libya announced the 13th of March as the National Day for the Libyan Traditional Dress, and the held an event in the capital Tripoli where hundreds of young people dressed up in traditional costume and walked around the city. A large ceremony was held in the Martyr square, with performances from folkloric and traditional Libyan music acts.

Hundred of the youngsters danced and enjoyed their day out in the city center, welcoming the short break from the conflicts which the country has seen over the recent months. However violence in Libya continues; most recently a police station was bombed not far from the city center on Sunday 15 March with ISIS have claiming responsibility.

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A Natkadaw Dance Ritual (2 of 8)
Taung Byone, Myanmar
By Greg Holland
18 Aug 2013

A Natkadaw medium dances amongst villagers and visiter's in a ritual where he accepts alcohol, cigarettes and money as offerings during a performance at this years Nat festival. The event took place in Taung Byone, north of Mandalay in Myanmar on 17th - 21st August, 2013.

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Kalasha People of Pakistan (17 of 18)
Chitral, Pakistan
By Jodi Hilton
01 Jul 2008

Kalash children practice traditional dance at the Kalasadur School for Kalasha children in the Bumburet Valley.