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Iranian Soccer Fever
By Nicola Zolin
18 Jun 2014

February-April, 2014

While Iran usually known for nuclear politics and religious radicalism, it is also known for soccer. Iran is ranked as the best team in Asia and is participating in this year's World Cup in Brazil. For country as culturally and socially diverse as Iran, soccer is unifying force and the passion for the sport permeates every corner of society.

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Beitar Jerusalem - a Club at War with...
Jerusalem, Israel
By Mat Heywood
12 Feb 2013

January 30 2013 Beitar Jerusalem, a top football club in the Israeli Premier League announced their two new signings, Chechen Muslim’s Zaur Sadayev and Gabriel Kadiev. The signings come as a shock to the clubs fans renowned for their vehement anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stance.
The club fan base known as “La Familia” shout slogans such as “Death to Muhammed” and “death to all Arabs”. On the 19th March 2012 a youtube video surfaced showing Beitar fans attacking two veiled Muslim women and their male companion, Arab janitors held back the fans and a fight ensued at the shopping mall until the police arrived. The fans actions reached such a critical point that even Likud MP, Reuben Rivlin, reprimanded the fans for their blatant racism.

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Iraq lost the Gulf Cup and millions f...
By AlFardan
19 Jan 2013

Iraq lost the gulf cup and millions for UAE players