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Libyan Traditional Dress Day
By Bujezia
13 Mar 2015

The Libyan Ministry of Culture and Civil Society in Libya announced the 13th of March as the National Day for the Libyan Traditional Dress, and the held an event in the capital Tripoli where hundreds of young people dressed up in traditional costume and walked around the city. A large ceremony was held in the Martyr square, with performances from folkloric and traditional Libyan music acts.

Hundred of the youngsters danced and enjoyed their day out in the city center, welcoming the short break from the conflicts which the country has seen over the recent months. However violence in Libya continues; most recently a police station was bombed not far from the city center on Sunday 15 March with ISIS have claiming responsibility.

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Queen of Controversy: Miss Lebanon 2014
By Pamela Nabhan
28 Dec 2014

Photo gallery of Sally Greige, Miss Lebanon 2014, who was at the center of an international controversy after allegedly being 'photo-bombed' by Miss Israel at the Miss Universe beuaty pageant in Miami. Lebanon and Israel are technically in a state of war and Lebanese citizens are banned from having contact with Israelis. 

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santa clara, cuba
By Conteur d'images
03 Oct 2014

Certain artists, such as Juan and Lorenzo of the dancing quartet “The Dream Boys”, portray feminine characters without having started hormonal treatments. They consider themselves to be primarily “transformists”, though some of them will one day become transsexuals.

Juan et Lorenzo, membres du quatuor de danseurs homosexuels The Dream Boys, sont considérés comme des transformistes, étant donné qu’ils interprètent des rôles féminins. Originaires de La Havane, ils se rendent tous les hivers à Santa Clara pour donner des représentations. Contrairement aux artistes transsexuels, ils ne souhaitent pas changer de sexe et n’arborent pas de vêtements féminins en dehors de la scène.

Ciertos artistas, como Juan y Lorenzo del cuarteto de bailarines gays “The Dream Boys”, interpretan personajes femeninos pero todavía no toman tratamiento hormonal. Se consideran ante todo como transformistas, antes de convertirse, para ciertos, en transexuales.

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North Korea in Black and White 005
By Ulrik Pedersen
10 Jun 2014

residents walking around one of the mainy squares of Pyongyang. Pyongyang, North Korea.

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Kurdish girl
By Ulrik Pedersen
12 Feb 2014

Kurdish girl walking next to the river in Palangan. The life of Kurdish women are still conservative and more conservative than the rest of Iran. If nothing will change she will have a life of early marriage and a marriage with violence. But more girls are getting an education which is positive for the future. Palangan, Iran.

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The 13th Istanbul Biennial, “Mom, am ...
Istanbul, Turkey
By Claudia Wiens
12 Sep 2013

Istanbul, Turkey . 12th Sep, 2013. The 13th Istanbul Biennial, “Mom, am I barbarian?”, curated by Fulya Erdemci, runs from 14 September untill 20 October. Admission to the biennial exhibitions is free, overlapping with the biennial’s vision to create a public space and be accessible to everyone. Gulsun Karamustafa's work is shown in SALT Gallery. © Claudia Wiens

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LGBT Community in Myanmar 15
Mandalay, Myanmar
By vincenzo floramo
22 Jul 2013

Ma Pwint in his small room at his parents home in Mandalay. He does not see himself neither as a woman nor as transgender, but likes to dress as a woman.

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Lady in Red
Kabul, Afghanistan
By MediaMikeDC
31 Mar 2012

A lady dresses in red walking in Kabul, Afghanistan