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Slum Dogs in Shanty Town
Cebu City
By Ralf Falbe
12 Feb 2016

Friends in a shanty town in Cebu City, Philippines. Documentary for the NGO German Doctors.

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Kenyan Grandmothers' Survival (27 of 34)
Nairobi, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
30 May 2013

Seventy year old Wairimu Gachenga and other elderly women look for recycling material at he Dandora dump site 28 May 2013 near the Nairobi slum of Korogocho, Kenya. Once a week a group of grandmothers from the area get together to practice self defense techniques after one of them was raped in 2007. Rape of elderly woman has increased in Kenya as people believe that grandmothers have a lower risk of HIV compared to younger women. KAREL PRINSLOO.

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The March For The Right To Housing
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
By Javed Iqbal
02 Jan 2013

Thousands of Mumbai's Urban poor started their march against the builder's lobby and for the right to a home on the 1st of January, 2013, and have been at a sit-in for the past three days waiting for the state government to respond to their demands.

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Cyno MC in Katwe
Kampala, Uganda
By Amy Hume
07 Dec 2010

CYNO MC was the first artist to win the MC Challenge competition. This is in his neighborhood Katwe, a slum of Kampala.

Hip Hop is a global phenomena that reaches nearly all corners of the Earth. Starting in the projects of NYC nearly 40 years ago, struggling youth from Mongolia to Rwanda use music as a weapon to express their situations, hopes, and dreams. Though Hip Hop culture is new to Uganda, it is becoming popular with people of all ages, but with the youth in particular. Hip Hop music is reaching the smallest of villages, as I witnessed in the war-torn area of Gulu. Access to music is free, which is an essential aspect of why Hip Hop is spreading like wildfire.
In 2009, End of the Weak (EOW), a collaboration of MCs, graffiti artists, break dancers and DJs that spans 17 countries, reached Uganda. All chapters of EOW are involved with community outreach, workshops for youth and exude positive influence in their communities through Hip Hop culture. The MC Challenge is a competition in each country wherein the winners gather at the World Finals, which are held in a different country each year. The MC Challenge is held in the central, eastern, western and northern regions of Uganda so that many different languages are represented in the competition. Winners of the MC Challenge are provided studio time, video production and photo shoots as a way to share and promote their music.