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Drought in Brazil (7 of 25)
Vera Cruz, Bahia, Brazil
By Flavio Forner
17 Mar 2013

A private Truck sells potable water. (15,000 L for $ 90.00). Some travel 100km away in search of drinkable water. Many people can not afford to pay the price.

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Drought in Brazil (8 of 25)
Andaraí, Bahia, Brazil
By Flavio Forner
10 Jan 2013

The water tank is almost dry and the little that is left is not enough for cattle on properties near Andaraí.

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Bedouin Settlement Near Israeli Housi...
Ma'ale Adumim, West Bank
By javiervidela
06 Dec 2012

A Bedouin woman peeks through the door, opposite the sofas, the only furniture inside the house. Their lifestyle is very poor, without access to safe drinking water. They only have electricity a couple of hours at night provided by a generator that only some Bedouin communities have. The Palestinian Authority can not provide basic services, nor the government of Israel.