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Great Match of Return Footages
By Hind Khoudary
13 Apr 2018

Covering the Great March of Return since the 30th of March 2018. 
Footages from the borders near the fence, and injuries from the hospitals. 

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Young and Old Unite for Gaza
Washington, D.C.
By Wes Bruer
02 Aug 2014

A woman and her neighbor attend the National March on the White House to show their solidarity with people in Gaza.

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Ramallah Today (4 of 8)
Ramallah, Palestine
By Florin Ghioca
02 Sep 2013

An old and blind Palestinian man sitting on his bed in Al'Amari Refugee Camp. He is diabetic, and his left leg is gangrenous and needs to be amputated.

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Ramallah Today (3 of 8)
By Florin Ghioca
30 Aug 2013

An Israeli car in Jerusalem, inscribed with the "Free Palestine!" message.

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Kiryat Arba & Jerusalem, West Bank, Palestine
By Editor's Picks
07 Dec 2012

Mickael Harroch, a young Israeli man, discusses the implications for Netanyahu's decision to approve 3,000 new building permits for settlements in the West Bank. The following is B Roll footage of Kiryat Arba settlement,the separation barrier, Jerusalem and the Western Wall.

As a fragile Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire sets in, many are beginning to take stock of the current situation in the region. Most notable is Benjamin Netanyahu's move to begin the process of building 3,000 new structures in the contested area of the West Bank. The issuance of the building permits in the area has angered Palestinians, and prompted mixed reactions among Israelis.