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Separation Wall Between Jerusalem and...
Bayt Jala, Palestine
By Firas Mukarker
02 Feb 2013

This wall is taking all the green areas that used to be owned by people from Bethlehem, now it is all taken and no one can reach it! location Aida Refugee Camp

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We Will Win - Graffiti in Palestine
Bayt Jala, Palestine, Aida Refugee Camp
By Firas Mukarker
01 Jan 2013

Graffiti art in Bethlehem at Aida refugee Camp with tourists walking along the separation wall. Bethlehem, Palestine, 2012

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Kiryat Arba & Jerusalem, West Bank, Palestine
By Editor's Picks
07 Dec 2012

Mickael Harroch, a young Israeli man, discusses the implications for Netanyahu's decision to approve 3,000 new building permits for settlements in the West Bank. The following is B Roll footage of Kiryat Arba settlement,the separation barrier, Jerusalem and the Western Wall.

As a fragile Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire sets in, many are beginning to take stock of the current situation in the region. Most notable is Benjamin Netanyahu's move to begin the process of building 3,000 new structures in the contested area of the West Bank. The issuance of the building permits in the area has angered Palestinians, and prompted mixed reactions among Israelis.

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B-Roll Separation Barrier Part 1
Ras al Amoud, East Jerusalem, Israel
By Andrew Beale
07 Dec 2012

A section of the separation barrier in Ras al Amoud, East Jerusalem

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West Bank Barrier (4 of 11)
West Bank, Israel
By Osie Greenway
13 Aug 2012

The Israeli West Bank barrier is a security and separation barrier under construction by the State of Israel along and within the West Bank. This mural is one of the most elaborate and is a Palestinian rendition of the famous painting from the 1830s by Eugene Delacroix commemorating the French Revolution. The large "WHATEVER" behind the painting is a feeling felt by many Palestinian youth of any glorifying successful revolution against their occupiers.