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Turkey: Pro-Erdogan Neighborhood Rema...
By zooburix
09 Aug 2014

August 7, 2014
Fikirtepe, Istanbul, Turkey

In the impoverished Istanbul neighborhood of Fikirtepe, conservative Turkish Prime Minister Recip Teyip Erdogan remains largely popular despite the fact that some of his urban renewal schemes are forcing residents out of the area.

Ismael Guckiran is the figurehead of a local organization that acts as a liason between the residents of Fikirtepe and the construction companies and government ministers in charge of Erdogan's urban renewal projects. He is a staunch supporter of Erdogan and residents come to him to negotiate compensation for giving up their homes to make way for the new construction projects.

Fikirtepe's residents are mostly conservative and hail from the traditional hinterlands of Anatolia. Erdogan's conservative social policies and his insistence on modernizing Turkey's underdeveloped areas have won him wide support amongst the traditionally neglected conservative sectors of Turkish society. While residents are wary giving up their homes in Fikirtepe, they largely view the idea as a positive step toward modernization and many volunteer to give up their homes in return for compensation.

This story follows Ismael Guckiran on a tour around Fikirtepe as he meets local residents and explains the plans he has for the neighborhood.

Shotlist and Translation:

  1. Various of neighborhood
  2. Mid of Ismail Guckiran talking with his friend from neighborhood:

THE GUY: We wanted to organize a meeting with the construction Company.
ISMAIL: Ali Metin came…
THE GUY: Yeah, He came. Mr. Ahmet said we should have the meeting in FIDEM after the elections.
ISMAIL: After the elections?
THE GUY: Yes, in FIDEM, in the association, after the elections.
ISMAIL: Good… (Indistinct)
3. Wide of Ismail and Ibrahim walking
4. Wide of neighborhood
5. Wide of Ismail and Ibrahim walking
6. Mid of Ismail and Ibrahim talking with their friend neighborhood:

IBRAHIM: I guess the construction will start because legal expropriation law in effect now. You should know…
GUY: Inshallah… (God’s will)
ISMAIL: Are you at home now?
GUY: I am retired.
ISMAIL: Did you? Are you self-employed?
GUY: I don’t work
ISMAIL: You don’t! How good! Who will you vote for?
GUY: Recep Tayyip Erdogan
ISMAIL: You can speak up. No problem here
GUY: Inshallah…

  1. Mid of Ismail Guckiran talking with his friend from neighborhood

THE GUY: Company says shops are going to be built one day and then they say they are not going to be bulit the other day. I want shops but they don’t give what I want.
IBRAHIM: Is your land declared as commercial zone?
THE GUY: Yes, of course.
ISMAIL: If it is declared as commercial zone as in your contact you will have your right to have a shop like everyone else .
8. Mid of Ismail and Ibrahim
9. Mid of Ismail and Ibrahim talking
ISMAIL: I am very happy with Erdogan government. He has huge contributions to the country and especially to Fikirtepe. He is the chief architect of this construction going on here. He might have some mistakes like 1 percent.
IBRAHIM: Fikirtepe is living in terrible conditions for 55-60 years. My mom as first generation and me who is 52 year old second generation put up with a lot of trouble in Fikirtepe. My mom and my dad were living in dust and mud here. This area should have been dealt with before. It is be vouchsafed to us. I think it( urban planning) is very late decision. It is going well, now.
ISMAIL: We were carrying cement and sand in backs to here. There were no roads around.
IBRAHIM: In near future, I will live in comfort here.
10. Wide of Erdogan Poster
11. Mid of same
12. Various of construction
13. Mid of Ismail and Ibrahim walking, talking
ISMAIL: Everyone should contribute to start a commission for the future of Fikirtepe, even if they can give 1 lira.
IBRAHIM: Something should be done.
ISMAIL: Yeah, it had been late. It should have been earlier….
14. Tracking shot of Ismail and Ibrahim talking people in the neighborhood
IBRAHIM: What is up ?How are doing?
ISMAIL: How are doing?
GUY WITH BLACK SHIRT: You are still trying to trick people
15. VOXPOP, THE GUY WITH BLACK SHIRT: We have been aggrieved since 3 years because of this construction. Rats are coming into our houses. Syrians busted the neighborhood. I am nervously waiting for my daughter to come back from her work. I go and get her from the bus stop. We don’t know who is around. All the people who is praying 5 times in a day always defend construction company. I wonder why? ( Somehow)( sarcastically)
16. Mid of meeting in FIDEM
17. Close up plans of the neighborhood
18. Various of neighborhood
19. Various of Erdogan poster
20. Wide of Ismail and Ibrahim talking with another person from the neighborhood
THE GUY: Come in for a coffee.
ISMAIL AND IBRAHIM: Thanks, may be later.
THE GUY: Why not? We are not buggies.
ISMAIL: The kids are not from here. We don’t want to leave them alone. We have to take care of them because maybe someone might say something
21. Mid of t`hem walking
ISMAIL: Did Yasar sell this place?
22. Mid of Ismail walking in a café
ISMAIL: Selamun Aleykum
PEOPLE IN CAFÉ: Aleykum Selam, Welcome, my president
ISMAIL: How are you doing?
GUY: Fine, You?
ISMAIL: All right.
23. Mid of Ismail watching TV
Voice on TV: Heavy rain in 15 cities….
ISMAIL: Ibrahim , check it out. Do you know what happened? Is there flood?
24. SOUNDBITE, Ismail Guckiran, Deputy President of FIDEM, I was living there where excavator is right now for 45 years .
(Where did your family come from?) Ordu
I had 4 floors building here including 6 apartments and 1 shop. For God’s sake, I wasn’t able to sell it for 3 hundred thousand liras. I will get 4 apartments from the new project. One of the apartments will worth more than whole building I had here. How cant I be content?
25. Cut away
26. SOUNDBITE; Other parties and leaders are tore down in the elections by Erdogan in last 12 years. They are still keeping their seats, for God’s sake. They are unashamed (as bold as brass, barefaced)
27. SOUNDBITE: Whose personal life Erdogan messed with (interfere) ? Did he tell something to someone? Or What did he tell? For God’s sake, we always see, there are (women) with short (skirts) or long, there is open or covered (with headscarf ). Whom did Erdogan say something like you should be covered? Did you see something like that? I haven’t. I am also living in this country but I haven’t. I have never seen something like this.
28. Cut away
29. Please don’t ask about corruption scandal. I never believe that allegations. Never… I don’t even want to talk about it.
30. SOUNDBITE, Ibrahim Erdogan, 52, Working in a logistics firm, brother of local elected authority (muhtar):. There is only one leader is born in one century and he is that leader. He is serving to his people. The most important thing is service for me. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, without any doubt.
31. SOUNDBITE ERCEUMENT ORUC, PRESIDENT OF FIDEM: People are organized to sell their house and lands to construction companies. Everyone made a deal with different construction companies. Only one thing was common people wanted luxury residences like these ones… It is modern and healthy. We signed the contracts for these kind of buildings.
32. Cutaway
33. SOUNDIBTE: All the projects are good. But, after constructions are complete only 10 percent of the people who is living right now will be able to live in this residences because they will make good money by selling them.
34. Tracking shot of Ercument, Here is a kind of gathering point for our neighborhood where they can spend their spare time Here is model of the Fikirtepe project . After the project is done, every construction company will put his model in to its place here. So, we will be able to see the projects here on the model before they are constructed.
35. Tracking shot of Ercument, When you come back in a couple of months, you will see these buildings are being destroyed . Our building here wont be destroyed because it is not include in the project but across the street will be completely destroyed. You wont be able to see these buildings in a couple months, developments are quite fast here.
36. Various of coffehouse

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