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A Zaatari, la misère de l'exil
Zaatari, Jordan
By Margaux Bergey
04 Jun 2013

reportage réalisé en juin 2013 dans le camp de Zaatari en Jordanie, et publié sur TV5 Monde .

Story about Zaatari refugees camp in Jordan, written in june 2013 and published on TV5 Monde's webstite

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Stolen Brides: Syrian Refugee Women i...
Al Mafraq, Jordan
By Sharron Ward
29 Mar 2013

An exclusive powerful film exposing the sexual exploitation and abuse of Syrian refugee women who are subjected to "pleasure marriages," rape, kidnapping and sexual harassment in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan.
Duration: 10 minutes
Format: HD 16:9 1080i 1920 x 1080 25 fps, Apple Pro Res HQ 422 PAL
Viewing format: 4:3 low res version

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Zaatari Refugee Camp: Household Respo...
Mafraq, Jordan
By Melissa Tabeek
29 Oct 2012

Young girls are expected to help maintain the home. On the older half of the camp where rocks weren’t laid down, the dust is still a problem for many women, not only to keep their tents clean, but to keep their children healthy and clean as well. More than half of the refugees in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp are children and adolescents, with the population of women with children on the rise. October 29, 2012.