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Taouergas: Damned Souls of the Libyan...
Taouerga, Libya
By Melanie Wenger
28 Sep 2012

The city of Taouerga is now a ghost city hanted by Misrati militias. All burned and robbed, only some walls are still standing, showing the testimony of hatred. Called now the New Misrata, the city is not easy to access, totally controlled, and no journalist is allowed.

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A Destroyed Misrata (18-24)
Tripoli, Libya
By Karim Mostafa
24 Feb 2012

2011 meant big changes for Libya. After forty years in power, former dictator Muammar Gaddafi was ousted from power. But it took an ugly war, and Libyans are now facing the challenge of rebuilding and unifying their country. Among those suffering the consequences are the population of Tawergha, a coastal city of 30,000 inhabitants. During the war, many Tawerghans fought alongside Gaddafi’s forces. Many men were part of laying siege on the neighbouring Misrata, a city that suffered heavily during the months of fighting. When the war was nearing its end, Tawergha was captured by rebel groups from Misrata, who expelled the population and destroyed the houses. The inhabitants were forced to flee; today, many men are imprisoned while women, children and others are dispersed in refugee camps across the country. What will happen to them? The Tawerghans want to return to their homes, but the rebels guarding the city say that they can never come back.