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By Editor's Picks
16 Jul 2013

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Screen shot interview with Tony Abulu
Abuja, Nigeria
By Preditor Push
07 May 2013

Tony Abulu is the president of Filmmakers Association of Nigeria, U.S.A. and also the writer, producer, director of Back To Africa and Dr Bello-A Hollywood-Nollywood collaboration

For over 20 years, Tony Abulu has been the C.E.O. of Black Ivory Communications, a multi-faceted media firm based in New York. Black Ivory Communications serves as consultants to African governments on tourism, as well as American companies doing business in Africa.

Abulu has produced numerous cultural presentations in America, including the spectacular Nigerian National Troupe and the Africa Music festival in New York.

I caught up with Mr Abulu in Abuja nigeria and he gave us a candid interview on the state of Nollywood

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Underground Car Races in Adana Preview
Adana, Turkey
By Ibrahim Karci
15 Feb 2013

Adana! Mostly known as the city of Kebab.

People of Adana have reputation of their crazy and chilled lifestyle.

Spacious areas, good spicey food, cool booze and..


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-I can't attend every race because I can't afford it. I can't use LPG during the race and the oil quiet expensive. And each race there is some part broken that has to be fixed or changed. It costs a lot.

This is an opening of another new garage where the racers mostly meet to show off.
And since it is in the middle of the city resident of the neighbourhood is not so happy with the situation.

-It is vandalism. This is not a race track, this is neighbourhood. It is sunday and peple are resting. They don't have right to disturb people.

-Cop is Coming!

And soon after officers arrives upon the complaint of the neighbourhood, as always.

-Take these cars immediately! -Ok sir!

-They said if it occurs again they will punish us so bad.

-Should we go to the highway all together or to the hill ? -To the hill. The highway is also problematic now.

But nothing seems like to be avoid them from racing or gathering up, Because they always have an alternative secret place to gather up and start racing.