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Global LGBT Spotlight
By Transterra Editor
01 Jan 2014

A Transterra spotlight with selected images documenting LGBT communities and issues in Armenia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Moscow, Turkey and Iran. Most images below are selected from collections and photo essays available on Transterra. See the links below for some examples:
Transgender in Armenia:
Natkadaw Festival in Myanmar:
Transgender Political Candidate in Pakistan:
My Life as a Nepalese Transgender:
Being a Gay Journalist in Hong Kong:
Turkey's LGBT Asylum Seekers:
The Holy Wigs - Jerusalem Drag Queens:

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Oakland, California - Beirut, Lebanon - Caracas, Venezuela - Seremban, Malaysia
By Editor's Picks
11 Oct 2012

Occupy Oakland celebrates its first birthday with cake, music and community.

Malaysian court rejects transgender people's appeal to allow cross-dressing, based on Sharia' law.

Chavez wins Venezuela election.

Hezbollah's Nasrallah claims responsibility for the Iranian-built drone that was shot down over Israel.

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Transgender challenging the law in th...
kula lumpur, malaysia
By Khairil safwan
10 Oct 2012

Friends of four transgender people are waiting inside of the court in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia on 11th october 2012. The appeal of the four transgender people challenging the Sharia' Law that bans men from dressing as women has been rejected by Secular Court. Sharia', or Islamic Law, bans Muslim men from dressing or posing as women.