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Bharat shuts down due to transportati...
New Delhi, India
By newspoint
22 Feb 2013

The 2 day general strike called by 11 trade unions began Wednesday and has had an effect in several estates of the nation. 

Commuters in the city faced hardships as a section of auto-rickshaws and taxis remained off the road in support of the two-day nationwide strike. 

Office-goers suffered the most as most auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers either refused or overcharged. Passengers at major railway stations and bus stands remained stranded or had to shell out more cash to reach their destinations. 

Five major auto-rickshaw and taxi unions have announced that they will join the strike to demand a hike in auto and taxi fares. 

Although Metro services were not affected by the strike, bus services were partially hit by the strike as a number of bus unions, including a section of Delhi Transport Corporation employees, have also extended support to the strike. 

Long queues were seen at Metro stations and bus stands as they remained the only viable option for people to commute. 

Normal banking operations were hit as employees of public sector banks went on a two-day strike in response to a call given by central trade unions to press for wage hike in the backdrop of rising inflation. 

Apprehending disruption in their normal banking operations, many banks had already informed their customers about the proposed strike. 

The bank strike is part of a general strike call given by 11 central trade unions including Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) and All India United Trade Union Centre. 

Harish Arora (Byte in Hindi)
“Protester besieged many place. There is no Auto rickshaw. We have traveled in metro. There is lots of crowd. It was very pain full.” Metro Passenger (Byte in Hindi)
“Everybody is suffering to inflation in India” Coolie Union Member (Byte in Hindi)

“We are from Maharashtra and now going Janter Mater for the Protest. We have some demand. we want keep our demand front of government.”

Anshu Auto Rickshaw Driver (Byte in Hindi)

“We have done Auto rickshaw Strike. Our demand is no being fulfill ”

News Agency : News Point TV
Shooting Location : Delhi, (India)
Publishing Time: 22nd February, 2013
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