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Iranian Jews
By Alireza Firouzi
08 Nov 2012

An Iranian Jewish man praying during Arvin's Bar Mitzvah at the biggest Synagogue in Tehran.

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Malaysian Court Rejects Challenge to ...
kuala lumpur, Malaysia
By Khairil safwan
10 Oct 2012

Friends of four transgenders are waiting inside of the court in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia on 11th october 2012. The appeal of the four transgender people challenging the Sharia' Law that bans men from dressing as women has been rejected by Secular Court. Sharia', or Islamic Law, bans Muslim men from dressing or posing as women.

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CSF Troops Attacking Protesters
Cairo, Egypt
By wailgzoly.911
13 Sep 2012

A tear gas canister flying in the air directly towards protesters after being shot by an officer