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Tunisian Authorities Respond to Deadl...
By Marwen Farhani
19 Mar 2015


March 18, 2015 -- Tunis, Tunisia

Twenty people were killed, mostly tourists, and many more wounded when gunmen attacked the popular Bardo museum in Tunis. Tunisian security services deployed around the museum's buildings prior to entering them, allegedly trading fire with militants inside before killing two of them and rescuing hostages. Other gunmen are believed to be at large.

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Tourists, Locals Killed in Attack on ...
Le bardo
By Mohamed Krit
18 Mar 2015

Tunis, Tunisia, 18 March 2015. Twenty people were killed, mostly tourists, and many more wounded when gunmen attacked the popular Bardo museum in Tunis. They took others hostage, some of whom were evacuated as members of the security services deployed around the museum's buildings prior to entering them. Security forces allegedly traded fire with the militants inside before killing two of the unknown number of gunmen. Others are still thought to be at large, and one officer is reported to have died.

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Health Care Crisis in Syria
By TTM Contributor 4
22 Jun 2014

June 17, 2014
Damascus, Syria

Syria's health care system is facing a crisis as hospitals have come under attack and medical supplies have not been replenished because of international sanctions. This video visits a hospital in Damascus and interviews healthcare authorities on the growing crisis.

Interview 1: Dr. Saed Alnayef – Minister of Health in Syria
"The source of this bad situation is not limited to actions of terrorists who directly targeted medical institutions and services, but also includes their targeting and destruction of other service sectors such as water and electricity. This has affected both the medical and the environmental situation in the country. There is the economic siege which has affected the importing of medicine and medical equipment. This poses a great challenge for us. We were able to make use of all our potential resources in terms of medicine, equipment, and medical staff. This way we were able to make up for the shortages, and provide decent medical care for Syrian citizens. However, this targeted destruction [by armed groups] affected 67 hospitals, while more than 38 hospitals completely went out of business. Also, 400 cars were destroyed and more than 20 medicine factories."

Interview 2: Dr. Abd al-Karim – Emergency Room Doctor.
"The public's perception of the hospital in Damascus is that its one of the largest hospitals in Damascus. Recently, the hospital suffered a lot due to the constant increase in volume of people visiting the hospital for consults, which sometimes exceeds 500 to 1000 patients. The patients come not only from Damascus and its suburbs, but also from other Syrian cities due to lack of medical care there. We suffered in this hospital and we are still suffering from the scarcity of some medical products that we used to import from other countries. This is due to the economic siege on the Syrian government. Other than that, there is malfunctioning equipment that we struggled to fix because they were imported from other countries who have boycotted Syria. So to provide the required medical care at the hospital, we had to find other local ways to fix the equipment or use other equipment and find alternatives."

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Leishmania spreads in Syria
Idleb, Syria
By Idleb Press
28 Apr 2013

Leishmania spreads in Syria.
A video report about this disease from the village of Maar Shourin which is located in the countryside of Idleb.

Due to the lack of basic amenities and health care in Syria, Leishmaniasis, a complex disease, has been affecting a large number of the population in Idleb, northern Syria. The disease is transmitted through the a bite of a sandfly, affecting different parts of the body, resulting in sores on the skin and welts. The sores, sometimes, get infected.

Since the basic conditions of the Syrian people is very poor, the disease is most likely to be fatal. Also, regarding the fact that wartime conditions compromise the immune system, this disease is bound to spread quickly.

The medicine required for treatment is scarce in Syria, but the people of Idlib are attempting to assist every infected person without a fee.

It is difficult, at the moment, to assess the number of Leishmaniasis cases in Syria, but the poor conditions showed that the disease will continue transmitting from one person to another.

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Bamako, Mali
By bindra
17 Dec 2012

Amadou (name changed), approximately 56 years old, lies in the room of his host family in Bamako. Amadou was threatened with death and forced to watch the rape of his wife by members of the MNLA. Since then has not talked or moved willingly. His children say it is as if he has turned into a ghost. Amadou has been unable to seek medical attention.

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Rescue Mission
Alansari, Aleppo, Syria
By ward.furati
29 Nov 2012

Dr. Hamza gives directions to the medical team during the rescue mission in the Alansari Alsharqi neighborhood of Aleppo after shelling by government forces on the morning of November 29, 2012

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Manama, Bahrain
By Editor's Picks
04 Oct 2012

Thousands of Bahraini people participated in the funeral of the young man Mohammed Ali Mushaima (23 years old) in Aldaih village, west of the capital Manama on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. Mushaima passed away in detention after his deteriorated medical condition was neglected by prison administration.

Henrique Capriles, Venezuela’s Opposition Presidential candidate, gathered almost a million supporters this past Sunday in Caracas, just four days before the end of his campaign and a week until the Election Day against President Hugo Chávez who has been in the government since 1999 and aspires for a third term. Chavez supporters marched on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in Caracas, to show their support for Chavez in an election that could give him another six-year term.

Egyptian political activists, legal experts, NGO members and human rights activists held a press conference on Wednesday, October 3, to announce the formation of the “Egyptian Constitutional Front," intended to be a new constitution-writing panel to draw a new representative constitution.

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Editor's Picks 11 September 2012
Barcelona, Spain
By Editor's Picks
10 Sep 2012

According to the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police), a million and a half people from all corners of Catalonia gathered in the streets of Barcelona Tuesday, September 11, 2012, to demand independence of Catalonia and create a new sovereign state in Europe.

Thousands of wounded Syrians escape to Lebanon for medical treatment amid an increasingly bloody conflict in their homeland, living in overcrowded conditions, suffering psychological distress and unable to afford medical care.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi held talks with British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Tuesday, September 11, in Cairo, where they discussed a number of regional issues, particularly the Syrian crisis.

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and US Deputy Secretary of Treasury Neal Wolin met on Tuesday, September 11 to discuss measures taken by Lebanese banks to safeguard the financial sector from the negative impacts of the Syrian crisis.