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Ambrosetti Forum, Villa D'Este, Cerno...
Cernobbio, Italy
By Editor's Picks
09 Sep 2012

Photos and video taken at the annual European House Ambrosetti Forum at Villa D'Este, Cernobbio, Italy, over the weekend of September 7-9, 2012. The forum is an annual economic conference where heads of state, ministers, Nobel laureates and businessmen gather to discuss current and future economic challenges, scientific, technological and geo-political developments that impact business and society.

Among the attendees were Joaquim Alumnia, EU Commissioner for free-market policies, the President of Israel Shimon Perez, Romano Prodi, former Italian Prime Minister and former President of the European Commission, Giulio Tremonti and Renato Brunetta of the Italian Parliament, economics professor at Stern Business School and Chairman of Roubini Global Economics Nouriel Roubini, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council and Mario Monti, Italian Prime Minister, among politicians, businessmen, and economics experts worldwide.