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International Jerusalem Day In Bahrain
Duraz, Bahrain
By Editor's Picks
17 Aug 2012

17 August 2012
Despite the escalation of violence from security forces, Bahrainis gathered in the streets to celebrate International Jerusalem Day, emphasizing the importance of supporting the Palestinian cause.

Protesters raised Bahraini and Palestinian flags and photos of Palestinian resistance fighters, chanting slogans like, "Bahrain and Palestine are one wound," " From Ramallah to Bahrain, one population not two," and "Resistance, resistance, no compromise Jerusalem."

Sheikh Isa Qassim delivered a sermon for friday prayer at the Mosque of Imam al-Sadiq in the village of Duraz, Bahrain, during which he touched on the power struggles in the country, human, religious, and civil rights, and the sacrifices of the people to attain these rights, many of whom are being treated inhumanely in Bahraini prisons.