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Kurdish Communities In Syria
Derik, Syria
By Editor's Picks
13 Aug 2012

Thousands join a Kurdish rally in the city of Qamishlo, where recent clashes occurred between Kurdish fighters and Assad's forces, for a Kurdish autonomy region inside the Syrian borders.

More than 1.000 Kurdish protesters waving Kurdish flags and demanding human rights, staged a rally against the Assad regime in the northeastern city of Girke Lege in Syria. They waved flags in the Kurdish colors demanding basic rights for the Kurdish people in Syria.

The people of the Kurdish village Bestastos in Northeast Syria attend a ceremony for the opening of a Kurdish cultural center. Under the rule of Assad teaching Kurdish culture and language was forbidden and teachers faced up to 10 years in prison. With the liberation of their cities from Assad, the Kurdish civil movement built up new language schools. But now in many Kurdish dominated parts in Syria the Regime forces where driven out by non violent actions.

Kurdish fighters, both female and male, from the Kurdish YPG self defense army, took control of the outskirts of Derik, a Kurdish dominated city in Northeast Syria. Battle broke out in the city center, where around 80 Syrian Army soldiers would not surrender. One YPG fighter got killed, several Syrian Army soldiers wounded.