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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Suicid...
By Yousef Mawry
20 Mar 2015

March 20,2015
Sanaa, Yemen

According to Houthi spokesman, more than 135 Yemenis were killed and many more injured in a series of three suicide bomb attacks targeting two Shiite mosques during Friday prayers in the capital city of Sana’a.
In this video, shot at the al-Hushaish Mosque, witnesses said the first bomb exploded in the first row, right in front of the podium, while the second blast detonated outside of the mosque as worshipers fled.
Minutes after the attack ISIS claimed responsibility on Twitter.


This is the result of the accident. The biggest crime against humanity and God.


The infiltrators of America and Israel. We will not accept this, and we will not surrender because of the explosions they are doing in the house of God.


What happened is that after the Friday prayer, Dr. Taha Motawakel, the mosque Imam (preacher), gave his speech and we suddenly heard an explosion in the mosque. All you can see around you is injuries and corpses, it was filled with them, anywhere you look or step, it is all injuries and deaths.

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Suicide Attack in Yemen Kills Dozens ...
By Yousef Mawry
30 Dec 2014


Ibb, Yemen
December 29, 2014

Raw and rare footage of the aftermath of the suicide attack in the province of Ibb, Yemen at an event held by Houthis to commemorate the birth of prophet Muhammed.

Footage was taken only moments after the attack and shows people screaming and in a state of shock as they find the mutilated bodies of 33 Houthis who were killed.

Footage also shows the mutilated body of the person who carried out the attack.

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Sana'a Aftermath of the Suicide Attack
By Yousef Mawry
10 Oct 2014

Aftermath off the suicide attack which happen in Sana'a the Capital of Yemen
The violence comes just hours after Yemen’s new Prime Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak resigned after Houthi militia called for mass protests against the “foreign interference” they said was behind his appointment
Witnesses claim scores of people have been injured , The footage also has four interviews with people who witnessed the explosion unfold.


Second interview “He arrived and blew himself up when he reached a crowed. Children were killed. Ten children were killed. In what religion is this justified? In what law is this justified? These Takfiris are the enemies of Islam.

Third interview “What happened today was a huge crime which we hold the president of the republic accountable for because we depended on him to implement that which we all agreed upon. He should take responsibility and reevaluate as soon as possible and take responsibility for everything that will unfold in the future. He needs to make better decisions thatwill benefit the people.”

Fourth “What we see today with the suicide attack by an explosive vest is clear, decisive evidence that these traitors who are backed by the U.S and Israel are afraid come to the battle field. They tried to sabotage the revolution from within, however the revolution will be victorious.