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Thai Migration Meeting
By GonzaloAbad
29 May 2015

Mr. Robertson, Deputy Director Asia of Human Right Watch, speak with us about first impressions of "Thailand Migration Meeting" and migration.
Bangkok, 29 May 2015

The Royal Thai Government is organizing the Special Meeting on Irregular Migration in the Indian Ocean on 29 May 2015 in Bangkok. The Special Meeting is an urgent call for the region to comprehensively work together to address the unprecedented increase of irregular migration in recent times. 

The meeting will provide a forum to exchange information and views in addressing the unprecedented increase of irregular migration by sea. Senior officials responsibility for the issue from 17 countries in the region most affected by irregular migration by sea are expected to participate in the meeting, namely, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand. In addition, the United States of America and Switzerland will participate as observers. Three international organizations, namely the UNHCR, UNODC, and IOM will also join the event.

The key topics of discussion will include:
1. Finding urgent solutions for the 7,000 irregular migrants estimated to be remaining in the Indian Ocean;
2. Finding long-term solutions to the problem of irregular migration in the Indian Ocean, particularly those related to human trafficking;
3. Addressing the challenges in countries of origin. 

Key objectives of the meeting are:
1. Promote international cooperation in solving the problem, and engage key affected countries of origin, transit, and destination, considering that Thailand is a country of transit;
2. Emphasize the principle of international burden sharing;
3. Engage constructively with countries of origin and in the region.

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"Where Should We Go?": Gaza Refugees ...
By Yasser Abu Wazna
18 Sep 2014

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Location Palestine, Gaza Strip, Gaza city, Tal el Hawa, Mamlaket El Bahrin Prep. School (UNRWA)
Recording date 18,09,2014
Duration 00,05,25
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"With some families from Shejayya neighborhood, Om Mohammad has taken this school as a shelter since the last war against Gaza started in last July. She and her expanded family, which consists of 11 member including her old aged parants, evacuated their house soon after it had been dimolished by IDF artilary. All the family are staying in a 24 square meter class room. The class room is the only place where they can live now. ""We hope we people could help us return to our house... We don't have money to rent a house"", Om Mohammad says. On the other hand, Om Tamer stays with her five little children and her husband in a small room in the same school. She has delivered her baby as soon as she arrived the school in the begining of the last war. ""I do not think there will be a solution for our problem in the near future. They (UNRWA) asked as to leave the place and rent some house to stay in. We don't even have money to rent a house, I could not even secure milk poweder to feed my babies,"" Om Tamer says.
They are going to stay in the school until their house will be rebuilt. They don't have money to rent an apartment. ""Our condition is very hard. My husband and sons in addition to all other members of the family are unemployed"" Om Mohammad says. The family lives in a miserable conditions since they lost their house and did not get any promise to get their house rebuilt. In addition, they cannot stand living in the classroom as its space does not match their big families. As a result of displaced families’ existence, Al Bahrin school students are spread to other UNRWA schools to start the school year as well as other Gazan students who returned to school few days ago."
Shot list
From To Location Subject
00,00 00,05 School - interior Establishing shots
00,06 00,35 School - interior Daily life inside the school
00,36 00,48 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad parants and her son asleep
00,49 01,03 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad 's sister plays with her nephews
01,04 01,06 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad’s mother
01,07 01,21 In front of Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad hangs clothes
01,22 1,42 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad with her family tides the classroom
01,43 01,59 In front of Om Mohammad's classroom Through the window, students in a sport class in a neighboring school
02,00 02,43 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad's interview
02,44 02,50 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Family kids play
02,51 02,58 Inside Om Mohammad's classroom Om Mohammad washes kitchenware
02,59 03,08 In front of Om Tamer's room Family kids
03,09 03,24 Inside Om Tamer's classroom Om Tamer tidys her room
03,25 04,30 Inside Om Tamer's classroom Om Tamer's interview
04,31 04,35 Inside Om Tamer's classroom Om Tamer with her babies
04,36 04,44 In front of Om Tamer's room Abu Tamer drinks tea
04,45 05,22 Insdie the school School's inhabitants bring water from watertanks downstairs