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Censored Video From ISIS-Controlled D...
By abd alkareem
15 Feb 2015

Deir al-Zor, Syria

February 15, 2015

This video was recorded in the ISIS-controlled city of Deir al-Zor, in eastern Syria with the approval ISIS. The cameraman was escorted by a member of the group during the recording and the video was subjected to review and censorship by ISIS.
The appearance of this video on the Transterra Media website does not in anyway constitute an endorsement by Transterra Media of ISIS or any claims or statements made in this video.

The video shows detainees held by the ISIS police force, known as Al-Hisba. The detainees are believed to have been arrested for smoking or not praying, which are considered crimes according to ISIS’ interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. The video offers an insight of the moral disciplining and law enforcement measures practiced by ISIS.
In addition the video shows a nighttime public gathering and scenes of Deir al-Zor streets, where ISIS banners and propaganda billboards are conspicuous.
The video also shows ISIS fighters firing weapons in what is believed to be a battle against Syrian Army forces in the Huweijat Saqe area near Deir al


Zoom out of “reconciliation hall” door/ L-R pan inside police station.

Wide of ISIS security members and civilians inside police station.

Medium of poster declaring “The 10 practices that nullify faith in Islam.” Zoom out of detainees sitting under the poster/ R-L pan of detainees seemingly reading the Quran.

Various of preacher talking to detainees NAT Sound (Arabic, Man), Unnamed ISIS Preacher
01:04 – 01:33
“[Citing a saying by the Prophet Mohammad] That which differentiates us from them [unbelievers] is our performance of prayer. He who abandons it becomes a unbeliever. Imam Ahmad, a man for whose existence we thank God, said: ‘He who abandons prayers deliberately and out of laziness is a unbeliever.’ This is not a simple matter. It is a matter of belief or disbelief, of going to paradise or hell.”

Wide of man calling for praying for prayer as detainees prepare to start praying.

SOUNDBITE (ARABIC, Man) Unnamed detainee
01:51 – 02:01
“I was arrested for smoking. I have been here for two hours. There is no problem. All of this is in our interest.”

SOUNDBITE (ARABIC, Man) Unnamed detainee
02:02 – 02:49
- You were inside the police station, right? - Yes. - How long have were you arrested for? - Three or four days. - What was your charge? - I was accused of smoking.
- How were you treated inside? - The treatment is in accordance with Islam. - Did you see anything that was not good? - No, no. - Did anyone force to do anything? - No, everything was according to God’s Sharia. - Did you see anyone at the police station who being treated better than you were? - No, no. Everybody was treated the same way. There was no difference among people. - No you have been released by the police. Will you be arrested again? - No, no. I will commit this sin again.

Wide of released detainee talking to ISIS security officers.

Traveling shot of released detainee walking with security officer out of police station.

Various shots of children and adults watching ISIS propaganda film featuring battles in a public square.

Various shots of crowd waving ISIS flags. NAT Sound (Arabic) Crowd repeat after man speaking over loudspeaker (05:02 - 5:17): “The prophet is our leader; the Quran is our constitution; the State of the Caliphate is our state.”

Close-up/zoom out propaganda CDs with the title “The evidence that a woman’s face should be covered” being handed out to crowd of young men.

Moving shot of ISIS fighter handing out chocolate to children.

Wide/zoom out of street lined with ISIS flags.

Traveling of road sign at the entrance of Deir al-Zor and street. NAT Sound (Arabic): ISIS anthem/ billboard promoting hijab (6:43)

Various shots of ISIS flags hung on street light poles (07:15). Wide of billboard discouraging smoking. The right-hand side of the billboard bears what appears to be the image of miswak, a plant the prophet recommended for good breath in the Quranic verse, “He alloweth unto them things clean.” The second half of the billboard features what appears to be a cigarette stub, as well as the Quranic verse “And He forbiddeth unto them things impure.” The billboard is signed: “The Islamic State, Province of the Good,” the name given to Deir al-Zor by ISIS.

Various of ISIS flags hung on street light poles

Medium/zoom out of billboard: “There shall be a caliphate according to the Prophet’s path,” signed by the Islamic State.

Close-up/ zoom out of ISIS flags hung on street light poles.

Tilt down on ISIS flags hung on street light poles/zoom in on billboard: “There shall be a caliphate according to the Prophet’s path,” signed by the Islamic State.

Traveling of street; billboard reads: “There shall be caliphate according to the Prophet’s path”

Various of women wearing the niqab walking in market.

L-R pan of shops/ lettering on the wall reads: “O God, bring your victory soon.”

Wide of women Various of women wearing the niqab walking in market

Moving shot of ISIS fighters in a speed boat moving in the Euphrates NAT Sound (Arabic) fighter: "The State of Islam shall remain despite the awakenings and the Alawites.”

Various of fighters firing a heavy machine gun in an exchange of fire NAT Sound (Arabic) Unseen man: (12:22 – 12:37) “God is great! A mujahid returns the fire at regime troops at Huweijat Saqer. (13:15 – 13:17) The state of Islam shall remain.”

13:26: Nat SOUND fighters, “The state of Islam shall remain.”

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Airstrikes Target Syrian Oil Fields
By TTM Contributor 4
07 Oct 2014

al-Malakiyah, Syria
October 3, 2014

The International Coalition's aircrafts targeted a number of primary oil refineries, known as "The Burners" in the governorate of Al Hasakah, Deir Ez Zour and Raqqa. However, they did not hit any of the refineries in the areas under Kurdish control in Al Hasakah.

The basic refineries, known as “Burners” became widespread two years ago to combat the difficulties of getting the Fuel to Al Hasakah from Baniyas and Aleppo.
The workers in these refineries depend on primitive methods to extract fuel (oil and gas) through huge metal containers of different capacities, ranging from 8 to 40 barrels of crude oil.

After the oil wells in Al Suwaidyeh and Rmaylan in the city of Al Malikiyah northeastern Syria stopped pumping to the refineries in Baniyas and Aleppo, the PYD, who control these wells, decided to sell crude oil to the Burners owners for 4000 SYP (20 USD) a barrel.
After extracting the fuel, the Burner owners sell them to the dealers, who in turn sell it to the remaining regions of Al Hasakah, as well as other Syrian governorates and even to Iraq.
The workers get paid a daily salary of 2000 SYP (almost 10 USD) for 10 working hours a day, sometimes more.

Shot Lists:
General view of The Burners
Shots of black smoke
Several shots of the workers

(01:12) Abu Ahmad, worker in the refinery: We wake up to work at 4 am and we keep working until 4 pm, it is very hard but we have to work, we have no other option, we are forced to do this job to make a living (01:30)

(01:31) Ahmad, worker: We did not find any other job, we work for 9-10 hours and sometimes until midnight, thank God we are working (01:42)

(01:43) Sameer: I am a university student, and I do not have enough money to continue my studies, so I dropped out of the university and came here to work in the burner. I know this type of work causes many diseases, and it is very dangerous. We are forced to do what is bad to avoid what is worse (01:58)

(01:59) Ali, worker: We have been working in the burners for over two years, we have no other option but to work in this burner and there are no job opportunities (02:11)

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Burial Site Excavation
al-Jafra, Syria
By TTM Contributor 24
10 Jun 2014

Excavation of what is believed to be a burial site for victims of an alleged massacre of civilians by ISIS forces in the al-Jafra area of eastern Deir Ezzour Province in Syria.

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Jabhat al-Nusra Battles ISIS
Jadeed Bakkara, Syria
By TTM Contributor 24
18 May 2014

Jabhat al-Nusra fighters fire a truck-mounted heavy weapon at a position occupied by ISIS forces in the town of Jadeed Bakkara in eastern Deir Ezzour Province in Syria on May 18, 2014

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Heavy Weapons for Jabhat al-Nusra
Jadeed Ekedat, Syria
By TTM Contributor 24
08 May 2014

The Sheitat Tribes of eastern Syria deliver heavy weapons to Jabhat al-Nusra fighters battling ISIS forces in the town of Jadeed Ekedat in Deir Ezzour Province on May 8, 2014.

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Jabhat al-Nusra Attacks ISIS
al-Zirr, Syria
By TTM Contributor 24
06 May 2014

Jabhat al-Nusra fighters assault an ISIS position in the town of al-Zirr in eastern Deir Ezzour province in Syria on May 7, 2014.