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Libya prisoners
By Bujezia
12 Mar 2015

On Thursday 12 March the Misrata prison released 19 prisoners of war who had been detained since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011. They are the first to be released after completing their sentences. The Minister of Justice of the opposition government based in Tripoli have visited the prison and allowed relatives and friends to visit the prisoners.

The minister also toured the prison and talked to a number of prisoners about their living conditions, inquiring into their health and whether any human rights abuses occurred. Just back from Geneva, he agreed to support humanitarian missions to improve prison conditions and prevent any human rights violations or abuses toward to the prisoners.

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Mostafa Al-Gleib, Minister of Justice in Tripoli: We all have to support each other and stand by justice in order to enforce justice and empower its ability to punish criminals, help victims and provide equality and enforce justice. This is an honest demand and it’s a fundamental one for all the patriots and free men of Libya.
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Abdulrahman Al-Shakshak, Head of the Local Council in Tawrgh: We're working together for the greater good and, as you know, the situation in Libya dictates that we move in all directions. When we were in Geneva, I met with the Misrata local council and we agreed to allow visits to prisoners to overview their situations and let people know the conditions they are living in.

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March in Ma'ameer, Bahrian
Ma'ameer, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
31 Jul 2012

Protesters march through the streets of Ma'ameer in protest of women in prisons.