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Funeral of Badr Organization Military...
By mushtaq mohammed
13 Mar 2015

March 12, 2015
Karbala, Iraq

Thousands of Iraqi Shiites attended the funeral of Saad Tamimi, the military commander of the Badr Organization in Tikrit who was killed in battle on Wednesday 11 March. The Badr Organization is arguably the most powerful of the Shiite militias who make up the Hashid Shaabi or "Popular Mobilization" umbrella group of militias.

Also in attendance was the Badr military leader in Karbala, Major General Hamed Saheb, also known as Abu Mustapha al-Karbalai'. General Saheb accused Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of working to help the United States, referred to as "the devil", carry out its agenda in Iraq.

The mourners carried the coffin of Tamimi to holy Shiite shrines in Karbala while chanting Shiite slogans.

Analysts and U.S. officials have repeatedly stated their concerns about the sectarianism that is (re)emerging in Iraq. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said he is "very concerned" about reports that Iran and Shiite militias are leading the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and exacerbating sectarian strife in that nation.

In a speech to Congress on 3 March, Carter said: "Sectarianism is what brought us to the point where we are, and so I do look at it with concern. We are watching it very closely."


SOUNDBITE: Major General Hamed Saheb, Military Commander of Badr Organization in Karbala (Arabic, Man)
02:59 – 04:51
“I offer condolences to myself, my brothers the mujahideen, and the people of Karbala on the occasion of the martyrdom of this hero from the military wing of Badr Organization. He participated in several operations. Eight days prior to his death, he took part with me in a very difficult operation, during which he marched ahead of my mujahideen brethren, calling: “Martyrdom! Martyrdom!” The day before yesterday, he was martyred in the Salahuddin district while he tried to sweep the area after it was liberated from the criminal gangs, which had entered the land of Imam Hussein, the Commander of the Believers. I congratulate you as well as ourselves for offering an elite of [martyrs] for the sake of the Master of Martyrs [Imam] Abi Abdullah al-Hussein, in defense of the land of Iraq and the holy shrines. We say, from the city of Imam Hussein, that neither ISIS, nor the malicious House of Saud, foundling Qatar, or damned Turkey will be able to achieve this scheme in Iraq, the scheme of America, the Great Satan. This is thanks to this safety valve [POINTING TO PORTRAIT OF AYATOLLAH SISTANI] who issued such a great fatwa, and these men who obeyed the fatwa.
God willing, in the next few hours, the good news of the full liberation of Salahuddin province will be announced.
Yes, we offered martyrs and casualties but, relatively to previous operations, their numbers are small.”

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Shiite Shrines Suffer from the Situat...
By mushtaq mohammed
08 Jul 2014

8 July 2014
Iraq, Karbala

The holy Shiite shrines in Karbala are suffering from a lack of visitors, due to the situation in the country. Shop owners around the shrines complain about a decrease in sales, as the threat of terrorist attacks and security restrictions, put in place by the government, affect the public’s decision to leave their homes.

Hussein, Shrine Visitor
(02:15) “The situation in Karbala because it is Ramadan, there is not many people around, and because the weather is hot and the security restrictions, so the visitor to Karbala are only a few”. (02:29)

Bassel, worker
(02:54) “The number of people who visit Karbala have decreased due to the security situation concerning ISIL, they say the roads are blocked and they only opened yesterday afternoon, but our shops are open 24/7 and there is no one here”. (03:09) (03:13) “There is no body, it is empty, I have been here since the early morning and there are no visitors. To me it is safe here but the visitors are not coming because they do not feel that they are safe”. (03:26) (03:30) “If anything happens I close the shop and leave, we expect anything to happen”. (03:44) (03:50) “I wish to carry a weapon and fight, but my family said that my father and my two brothers are enough”. (03:58)

Abbas, Shop owner
(04:03) “With the current security situation, the market is tired, we have no visitors, but thank God there is nothing here in Karbala, it is safe”. (04:17) (04:22) We worry because we have families and children and shops, even though it is safe now but we fear something might happen. (04:41) (04:46) “We fear an explosion might happen here close to Imam al-Hussein and there shops are rented and the rent is expensive, so the day that passes without work affects us negatively”. (04:57)

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Mother's Day at the Cemetery
By ric francis
12 May 2012

In Peru, Motherʼs Day is celebrated throughout the country on the second Sunday of each May much as it is elsewhere in the world: Peruvian mothers are honored with family meals, parties and showered with gifts. However, there is a particularly popular location where Peruvians gather to socialize over food and drinks in honor of their mothers: the cemetery. Thousands gather at cemeteries in celebration of deceased moms. Such was the case at The Angel Cemetery in the Barrios Altos section of Lima, Peru. Just outside the gates of the cemetery the streets were alive with vendors selling flowers and heart-shaped “Feliz Dia Mama” (Happy Motherʼs Day) balloons, to a throng of family members, both young and old. The air was filled with warmth and laughter as women, children and men entered the cemetery and sought out the grave sites of their mothers and wives. A common sight is that of men balanced on large ladders set up against multi-level mausoleums; theyʼre hired by families to clean and place flowers as well as balloons on hard-to-reach graves. While for some visiting the cemetery is a solitary event, for others it is a social gathering used to catch up on the happenings of each otherʼs lives as they celebrate memories of deceased mothers.