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Egypt and Initiative to Energy Saving...
By Amir Nabil
19 May 2014

May 17, 2014
Al Jamaliah, Cairo, Egypt
Video shows a supporting campaign of Abdul fatah al-Sisi, as they distribute energy saving lamps in Al Jamaliah, al-Sisi’s hometown, according to the call from al-Sisi to save energy.

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Egypt Election Voxpops: Who Will Peop...
By Rabie Fahmi
16 May 2014

May 16, 2014
Alexandria, Egypt

Voxpops: People in Alexandria discuss who they will vote for in the upcoming Egyptian presidential election, and why.

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Egypt Election Voxpops: What Do Peopl...
By Rabie Fahmi
16 May 2014

May 16, 2014
Alexandria, Egypt

Voxpops in Alexandria streets, on the expectations from the new president who will be elected on 26 and 27 May 2014.

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Tourism in Egypt - An Election Issue
Cairo, Egypt
By May Kamel
16 May 2014

For Yasser, the past 3 and a half years of revolution have also been times of instability and economic hardships.

Yasser, a resident of Nazlet el Seman the area adjacent to the Great Pyramids of Giza has worked in tourism since the age of 7. He takes tourists out on horses and camels to tour the great wonder and even today with scarcely any tourists, Yasser says he cannot imagine himself working in another field.

He describes that over the past 3 years, all those from the area were heavily affected by the lack of tourists. Everyone has had to resort to spending from his savings in order to survive. Many have had to sell their animals ( camels and horses) after finding it difficult to feed them.

Many stable owners have even had to lay off workers. In the stable where Yasser works they have had to decrease the numbers of workers from 12 to 4.

Egypt used to receive millions of tourists every year making up 11 % of its total GDP and despite the decline in numbers, Yasser remains hopeful. He says that things have been getting slowly better since June 30th when the army stepped in following mass protests that removed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi from power.

Many from the tourism industry have already decided on voting for former army general Abdel Fatah El Sisi. To them a military man is what Egypt needs to restore security and bring back tourists.

In an effort to restore the tourism industry, the interim government this month launched a 3-year plan to invite both tourists and investors back to the country.


Various Shots of Horses in Stable not being used
Long shot of street with beach bugees not being used
Long shot of street with horse cariage parked
Various shots of streets, with horse carges not being used
Horse being Saddled
Various street shots from the area
Shots of the pyramids
Cutaway shots of Essam , STABLE OWNER
SHOT OF “YASSER” Greeting “ ESSAM “ who he works for
Various shots of YASSER
Shots of Yasser looking towards pyramids from his roof with kids
OVER SHOULDER of Yasser driving Carriage
shots of the area from carriage
CU of Yasser driving carriage
“The pyramids normally receives thousands of visitors every day, thousands from all the countries of the world when you see it all of sudden empty , you feel that you not at the Pyramids , you feel you are in Hurgada, Alexandria or somewhere by the beach in winter , not even summer. “

SOUNDBITE 2 – Yasser
“ I wish that it would go back to the way it used to be. Everyone is affected, the whole country is affected. I have horses and camels and im affected, those who have bazzarras are affected, the ones selling perfumes and Papyrus are also affected, the ones who are selling meat and fruits around us are affected because the whole area depends on tourism

“ I think for the next president whoever it is should focus on tourism because the whole country here depends on it , without the country is at a halt, the entire country depends on it , 75% depends on tourism. The first thing should be for the upcoming President should be tourism.

SOUNDBITE 4 , Yasser
“ The entire area is affected by the lack of tourists , look at all these shops. Tourist groups used to stop in front of them .. the entire area is really badly affected by the absence of work. As you can see it just empty carriages going back and forth and the horses are sitting around. “

SOUNDBITE 5 , Yasser
“ I have been working in tourism since I was 7 in this area and I tried many jobs but I only like this one “

“ we want stability and we want to live. Its true that before we had no freedoms in the days of Hosni Mubarak and we tried and we removed the regime to get an even worse regime with Morsi but it should be over, Egypt is not a test field and the only one who is suitable right now is Sisi.”

“ before the revolution I had 3 camels , after the revolution by 2 month I had to sell the 3 camels and I lost money in that , but there was no tourism at all . the area here had no tourists at all, the area for a couple of months was completly closed off. The suffering was very intense for all the people from the area who work in tourism, those who work with camels and horses and those who have shops .”

SOUNDBITE 8 – Yasser
“ before the revolution , things were very different. There was work, money , security and tourists .. you would never sit down like this. Not like this, there was work all day and everyone had business and tourists felt safe going anywhere they liked and there were no fights or problems.”

SOUNDBITE 9 – Essam Mohamed, Stable Owner ( Where Yasser works)
“ most of the people working in the tourism sector want to vote for Sisi and they are all speaking well about Sisi.

** Various Shots of Sisi t-shirts , posters

**various shots of a Hamdeen Supporters street rally

** POV horse carriage on street

** men on camels

** camels

** pyramid

** street

** tourists on camels

** pyramids

** Sphinx **

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Voxpops on the Economic Situation in ...
Cairo, Egypt
By Amir Nabil
15 May 2014

May 10, 2014
Cairo, Egypt

Voxpops in Cairo streets, on the economic situation in Egypt and high prices.

Mohammed Abdul Hamid - Employee:
" have always been high, we need some censorship from the ministry of supply, they should have people to go to the market, watch the merchants and apply a certain known price, we are not saying that they shouldn’t make profit, but reasonably, if something is worth 10 pounds it shouldn’t be sold for 15, it is too much, so we hope that after the elections things can settle down and improve, people are poor and the prices are too high, it shouldn’t be like this"

Hana - Housewife: " are always increasing, they never decrease, since the previous president and the one before him the prices have been increasing, we hope things improve with the new president but I personally have no hope, I don’t believe anything will improve, not only prices, I believe everything will stay the same, the people who have revolted will never be the same again, the error is in the people not the president"

Sayed - Delivery Worker: " country and our economy are the best, concerning the prices, they increase everywhere, it has nothing to do with the government, If the government is increasing the prices it’s doing it against their will, people should help the government decrease the prices by not causing problems, one day you hear an explosion in a car and the other in a building, we should be united "

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Rally for Hamdeen Sabbahi in Baheira,...
Dmanhur, Egypt
By Amir Nabil
14 May 2014

May 11, 2014
Baheira, Egypt

Rally for the Presidential candidate, Hamdeen Sabbahi, held in the city of Dmanhur in Baheira Province in northern Egyptt.
Sabbahi attended the Rally.

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Egyptian Women Demonstrating Against ...
Abu Hamad City, Egypt
By Saeed Abbadi
13 May 2014

May 13, 2014,

Abu Hamad City, Egypt

Video shows a human chain protesting against the military coup in Abu Hamad city, al-Sharkiah province.
Female supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are holding up signs of Rabia'

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Egyptian planning minister
Cairo, Egypt
By Amir Nabil
12 May 2014

May 12, 2014
Cairo, Egypt
Conference held by the Egyptian Minister of Planning, Dr. Ashraf al-Arabi, in MENA Press Agency, on the economic and social plan of the government for the coming three years. al-Arabi said that the presidential elections followed by parliamentary elections will bring stability to Egypt which will help increasing the investments and improving the economy.

"I am very optimistic that in less than three years the citizens will begin to feel real change, the presidential elections are starting and the parliament elections are close, we are on the right track to reconquest the political peace. I always say that investments are guarantees for the future; the investor makes the decision today because he knows that tomorrow is better economically, politically, and socially. I bet that after the political situation stabilizes we will have big investments, private and public and there will be cooperation between the public section of the government and the private section, we are looking for social justice and good support system. As I was saying it is not a matter of abstention, we are miles away from that, the point is, we need some structural adjustments, the continues incapability cannot go on for longer"

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Voxpops Egyptian Elections Boycott Ma...
Cairo, Egypt
By Amir Nabil
11 May 2014

The Egyptian presidential election is scheduled for May 26. Cairo residents were asked about reports that voters are being urged to boycott the election.

Hamdi Al Fakharani - Former member of the parliament:
"I am totally against the boycott, I want everybody to contribute, come down and say no, state your opinion, in the elections of Shafik and Morsi, I went and I voted, we should all contribute and have an opinion and be present, but whoever sits at home is not counted, he simply gave up his right to chose, the president wouldn’t give him or his requests any attention, he sat there and joined "Hezb al Kanaba" (the Couch party)."

Mohamad Abd Al Hameed - Employee:
"Of course I will join the elections and any person who doesn’t should be out of the country, this is an important step in our lives and we should all join in this, a person is free to chose whoever he wants, but at least he should contribute in the elections, the amount of people who will contribute in the elections will show the rest of the world how we are living and where out country is heading."

Will you contribute in the elections?

Hanaa - House Wife:
"I haven’t thought about it yet"

Do you belong to "Hezb al Kanaba" (the Couch party) ?

Yes I belong to "Hezb al Kanaba" (the Couch party) and proudly
It is not because I don’t care about politics, I am just not optimistic, I am not positive that our country will be good again. I belong to "Hezb al Kanaba" (the Couch party) and I’m proud.

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Egyptian Elections: Sayed the Kushari...
Cairo, Egypt
By Amir Nabil
11 May 2014

Sayed delivers the tasty rice, macaroni and lentil dish, Kushari, by bicycle around central Cairo. His bike is also a traveling advertisement for his favorite presidential election candidate.

I have loved Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ever since the second revolution, which completes the revolution of 25 January.
I saw the picture being sold in Al Jalaa square, and I thought, I love this man, why not get a picture of him, so I got it, but every time I go up to a building, I come back to find the picture shredded, so I covered it in barbed wires and covered it in plastic so no one can shred it, and to tell whoever was doing that, no matter what you do, he is the one on my mind, and you cannot change what is in my heart.
It is not a commercial, it is not, I am displaying my love for this guy for nothing in return, some people see me and tell me how much does he pay you per hour? If I was doing this thing for money I would have roamed around in this bike everywhere, but no, all I am waiting for is for this man to lead Egypt in an honorable way.
We are much better than others, and our economy is good, there is work but we need to be one hand, we need to work in order to make a living, we should not pray for god to send us dollars and gold, we need to work, we cannot sit at home and blame the economy.

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Rally for Sisi in Cario - May 10, 2014
Cairo, Egypt
By Ahmed Medhat
10 May 2014

A rally held on May 10, 2014 in Cairo, Egypt for presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Frame 0004
Sisi Election Rally
Cairo, Egypt
By Sergi Cabeza
10 May 2014

1- Men from Upper Egypt chant for presidential hopeful And el Fatah el Sisi at the entrance of the Cairo International Conference Center, where the meeting took place. Initially, it was scheduled in the Cairo International Stadium, but it was changed last minute for fear of low attendance. People gathered at the Chinese Gardens of the Conference Center.

2- A young girl dressing a T-Shirt of Sisi makes the victory sign.

3- Women cheer as they arrive to the meeting.

4- Women happily dancing and doing the victory sign. The atmosphere was that of a party.

5- A coptic religious man is seen with muslim men. A woman says: "All the Egyptian people is one hand. All with Sisi in the name of God"

6- A man plays his flute while others dance.

7- Mohammed And el Azi Gohar, from Haoumdiya: "We came today to say yes, yes, yes to… ???

8- A woman chanting

9- Alaa: "We came from the end of the country to help Sisi… ???

10- Men show a slogan in which says that Muslims and Christians are one hand in Egypt.

11- "Mustafa Ahmed, form Minya (in Upper Egypt) has a message to help the Field Marshall And el Fatah el Sisi… ???

12- Young Sisi followers chant with enthusiasm, noting that young people are there.

13- View from the first rows while the famous song Tislam el Ayadi is being played.

13- A woman stands in the middle of the crowd waiting for the speeches.

14- A general view of the Chinese Gardens. People was sitting on chairs. The attendance was somewhere between 3 and 6 thousand people.

15- Night felt. A family make the victory sign with posters supporting El Sisi.

16- Ali Gomaa, former Egypts grand Mufti ( 2003-2013) was one of the public figures addressing the public.

17- An spectator films Ali Gomaa with his mobile

18- Mostafa Bakry, who once said all americans must be killed if Sisi was assassinated, was another public figure giving a speech.

19- A woman looks at the stage.

20- A Christian Coptic religious man (Unidentified) was also giving a speech to the crowd. Here he repeats the Sisi campaign slogan: "Tahya Masr" (Vive l'Egypte)

21- Two young men salute to the camera.

Frame 0004
Night Protests Against the Military C...
Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt
By Saeed Abbadi
09 May 2014

May,10, 2014

Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt

Video shows a night protest against the military coup, in the Tenth of Ramadan City, in al-Sharkiah Province in northern Egypt.
Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood carrying posters of the ousted president Mohammad Morsi and Rabia' sign.

Frame 0004
Egypt Election Vox Pops May 9, 2014
Cairo, Egypt
By Amir Nabil
09 May 2014

The Egyptian presidential election is scheduled for May 26. Cairo residents were asked which candidate they favor.

Who will you vote for?
Siham, General manager in Egypt's Insurance company, Supports Al Sisi to be president for Egypt:
The marshal Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi.
Siham, General manager in Egypt's Insurance company, Supports Al Sisi to be president for Egypt
Because he protected us and relieved us from a huge burden that we weren’t able to get rid of.
Who will you vote for and why?
Sayed Khalifa, an employee in a company of tourism, supports Al Sisi to be president for Egypt:
I will vote for the man who protected Egypt, one the sons of Egypt, the Marshal Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi.
Sayed Khalifa, an employee in a company of tourism, supports Al Sisi to be president for Egypt:
He did so much for this country and got us out of problems and saved us from many dangers.
Sherif, an accountant, supports Hamdeen Sabbahi:
I will vote for Hamdeen not because I want him, but because I don’t want to vote for Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi, I don’t think we will have any freedom with him, I have seen him in many programs with Lamis Al Hadidi and Khayri Ramadan and how he got angry and started saying that there will be no protests and he is only a front that people blindly follow, I am against him in everyway and I am against everything he had done.
Mohamed Eisa, works in iron and steel, supports Hamdeen Sabbahi:
I will vote for the person who is weak and isn’t surrounded by people who want to take advantage and that person is Hamdeen Sabbahi.
Do you believe that Hamdeen Sabbahi is a good person?
Mohamed Eisa, works in iron and steel, supports Hamdeen Sabbahi:I believe they are both good people and they both love Egypt, from the way they speak and behave, and I am convinced that Sisi will win the elections but my I stand by Hamdeen Sabbahi because it is a matter of principle.
What do you think of the boycott?
Ahmed Hassan Hussein, an employee in the Egyptian research center, he rejects the boycott:
I’m against it, people should all contribute in the elections, a person who doesn’t contribute is not considered Egyptian and he doesn’t deserve to live in Egypt.
Amr Abd Al Moatamed, an employee, he supports the boycott because his opinion wasn't respected prior to the elections:
I’m with the boycott, I don’t want to vote for either of them, I went down and I stated my opinion and nobody respected it. Al Sisi kept saying Egypt will change and you will all see and up until now electricity still cuts off so many times and also the gas, we are not working or selling, we still have to pay rent and so many things without any income.
Is it important for women to contribute in the elections?
Dalia Kendeel, accountant, cares about women's contribution in the elections:
Of course it is, this whole revolution happened because of women, A woman is the basis of everything is the society, she supports her husband and children raises children who become doctors and engineers.
What do you think of the contribution of women?
Nourhan, a doctor, ensures the importance of women contribution in the elections:
It is very important, because now women are a very important part of the society, a part who works and produces and she should vote.
What do you think of the contribution of women?
Aziza Mohamed, a housewife, supports the contribution ofwomen in the elections:
I support it and women should contribute, we have the responsibility of the house and the family, a man only hands the money and we take care of everything.

Thumb sm
Third Day of Voting in The Egyptian P...
By Amir Nabil
26 Dec 2008

An old voter dropping his voting ballot in the ballot box.