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ISIS Bombing in Baghdad
By Stevennabil
14 Apr 2015

ISIS bombing which targeted Al Mashtal street in Baghdad on April 15, 2015.

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Lahore, Pakistan
By Murtaza Syed
09 May 2013

A Pakistani man moments before jumping from the fifth floor of a building that caught on fire in Lahore, Pakistan, Thursday, May 9, 2013. The 13-storey government building caught fire and quickly intensified spreading to three floors of the tall building.

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Riots in Athens
Athens, Greece
By Nikolas Georgiou
26 Sep 2012

Unemployment exceeding 55% makes young protesters clash with riot police on a general strike day. Teargas, petrol boms and flash granades make the city look as a warzone.

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Protests in Dair, Bahrain
Dair, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
22 Jul 2012

Dair, Bahrain | 22 July 2012

Protesters class with security forces during demonstration.