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The Palestinian National Security Force
By Ibrahim Husseini
02 May 2015

May 2, 2015
Palestine, West Bank

The Palestinian National Security Force put on a display of its tactical abilities at a public event in Jericho on May 2, 2015.

The contributor of this video provided the following description of the event:

“The Palestinian Authority is very interested in conveying a positive image to the Palestinian public about its security forces. This is to counter an ever increasing negative perception among ordinary Palestinians towards the PA for coordinating on security matters with the Israelis.

The PA wanted to show us through experience what it is like to be a member of the NSF.They wanted us to know full well, and to tell the world, that their men and women are well disciplined, conditioned and motivated to carry orders when given.

However what struck me the most is the moral of the men and women and their motivation. They see themselves as a nucleus of a regular Palestinian army and not just a mere special force to carry on an arrest. One member of the NSF alluded to the second Intifada and at the time when the Israeli army stormed the center of Ramallah and laid seige on the Presidential compound where Arafat was taking residence. It was as if he was saying this won't happen again. There was also a feeling of bitterness and resentment over the Israeli army incursions into Palestinian towns and cities.
Members of the NSF speak of themselves as if they were a border force in charge of defending borders of Palestine. Of course we cannot help but ask ourselves where do these borders lie.

I asked the Colonel in charge of media affairs about challenges. His reply was the "Israeli occupation" as the most direct challenge and obstacle to advance this force. He cited restrictions on procuring technology and equipment. To make a point about the various restrictions the Colonel talked about donors' refusal to fund a canine unit and how this unit was founded despite lack of funding.”

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Obama's Visit To Ramallah
Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
By U.S. Editor
19 Mar 2013

Demonstrators gather to protest the Obama's visit to Ramallah, in the West Bank.

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Inconvenient to All- Bedouins in the ...
89, Hurfeish, Israel
By giulianocamarda
10 Oct 2011

The Arab al-Jahalin is the biggest bedouin community that lives in the West Bank Area called E-1, part of the Area C, where Israel retains control over security as well as planning and zoning, and holds strategic significance for further expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, approved by the last Israeli government even if they are considered illegal by International laws. Following the 1948 conflict, the majority of the Negev Bedouin were forcibly evicted from their ancestral lands in the Negev by the Israeli authorities. Clans from five of the Negev tribes subsequently moved to the West Bank and registered as refugees with UNRWA. Forced to abandon nomadism and become permanent, the Palestinian Bedouin living in the Jerusalem periphery are now in a very poor, dramatic and emergency situation. In the last 15 years the Bedouin communities have been subject to demolition, requisition of cattle, attacks by settlers, aimed to get away from the area. But despite this, the communities have shown determination and unbelievable resilience, who led the Israeli military authorities to draw up a "plan of relocation" so-called Nuweimeh Plan, which seeks to solve the �Bedouin problem’ by relocating the approximately 2300 Bedouins of the E1-zone to a town named Nuweimeh near Jericho. The lands of Nuweimeh, however is unsuitable for the animals to graze, and in addition there is no job opportunities, which is why the Bedouins who already are settled there live almost solely on UN food parcels. By the other side, the Palestinian Authorities do not provide any significant support to these communities, which are considered as a second class population.