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The Greek return to the land 01
By Emmanuel Haddad
09 Jun 2014

Dimitris, 32, spent his youth fighting against Greek police in the streets of Exarchia, Athens’ anarchist neighborhood. When the 16-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos was killed by an armed policeman in 2008, the whole city became inflamed. “For two month, I didn’t sleep; Athens looked like under a civil war. But I was mature enough to come here and start my life again. First I felt guilty towards my friends, but now I know that I took the right decision”, says the apple and olive producer in his field of apple trees in Pelion, a natural paradise in the north of Athens.

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Viome 9
By Michele Lapini
29 May 2013

"It's all about workers. The workers create everything, they have to take back what the own", said a Viome's worker.