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South Africa
By Frank
09 May 2014

Benedict Daswa, a devout Roman Catholic from rural Limpopo Province, South Africa, is set to become South Africa's first saint. The church, in the diocese of Tzaneen, lead by Bishop Joao Rodriguez is finalizing the process that could see Benedict Daswa beatified and then canonized for his martyrdom.

Daswa, was fourtysix at the time he was murdered in 1990, by an angry mob of villagers, for refusing to partecipate in hiring a withcdoctor, which He himself strongly refused to believe in that practice, to sniff out those they believed were responsibile for lighting strikes in the area.

" The Cause of Benedict Daswa is martyrdom, we believe he was kill in hatred of the Faith which he publicly and privately professed" Says Bishop Rodriguez.

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Tunisia: the guardians of the saints 05
By Steven Wassenaar
14 Feb 2013

The temple of patron saint Sidi Mehrez in the center of Tunis is guarded, maintained and visited by women. 79 year-old Khira (left), who has been guarding the temple for 50 years, gives holy water to a faithful. The well in the mausoleum is blessed. to complete the "ziara" (the visit), the faithfuls have to drink its water. On the right, next to the door, is Zora. The mausoleum is protected by the police. Since the fall of Ben Ali's regime in 2011, attacks against mausoleums and Sufi places of worship by radical Islamists are frequent. Islamists consider prayers to saints a sin because it associates other gods or beings with Allah. Since 2011, 80 mausoleums, mainly guarded by women, have been attacked.

Le temple de Sidi Mehrez à Tunis. A gauche, Khira, 79 ans, gardienne du temple de Sidi Mehrez depuis 50 ans. A droite de la porte : Zora. Le mausolé est protégé par la police : depuis la chute de Ben Ali en 2011 les attaques contre les mausolées et les lieux de culte des confréries soufies, très nombreux en Tunisie, sont l'œuvre de l’islam rigoriste: la prière des saints est une hérésie à leurs yeux (les djihadistes d'Ansar Dine ont par le même raisonnement saccagés les mausolées à Tombouctou, au Mali. ). Depuis 2011, 80 Mausolée - le plus souvent tenus par des femmes - ont été attaqués en Tunisie.