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Refugees Flee Yemen on Oil Tanker
By Transterra Editor
15 Apr 2015

Refugees from different parts of Yemen, who were able to reach Aden, board an oil tanker leaving to Djibouti on April 15, 2015. The refugees are trying to escape the escalating violence as air strikes and ground-battles continue all over Yemen.
Transterra obtained this photo from a local employee of Aden port.

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Iraqi Troops Seize ISIS Media Center ...
By mushtaq mohammed
12 Mar 2015

March 11, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Backed by Shiite volunteers, Iraqi Army soldiers enter the town of al-Dour, an ISIS stronghold 20km south of central Tikrit, and the same place Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a hole.

The video shows the soldiers driving through the town in tanks and armored vehicles. It also shows an ISIS "Media Access Point" or media outlet where they used to distribute Islamist books, prints and CDs. Inside the shop, soldiers found leftover books and CDs as well as numerous explosives left by the jihadists.

There is also shots of buildings with ISIS graffiti sprayed on the walls and reading "Property of the Caliphate".

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Texan Explains Motives for Joining Ku...
Tal Tamer
By TTM Contributor 33
09 Mar 2015

Tal Tamer, Syria
March 7, 2015

George, who declined to give his last name but prefers to go by Fat Jack, sold his possessions in San Antonio, Texas and bought a plane ticket to join Kurdish forces battling ISIS in the Hasaka province of Syria, a strategic village near the Iraqi-Syrian border whose Christian, Kurdish, Assyrian and Arab inhabitants had mostly fled. Perturbed that "no one was doing nothing" to stop the spread of the militant group and curious to know "how a normal person would come to fight evil", he joined the YPG.

Though Fat Jack admits there are sizable military and cultural differences between Americans and Kurds, and that the language barrier has been substantial, he also says that he decided to join the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) because they were "good" people whom "he could trust."


Wide of town and YPG flag
Various of female and male Kurdish fighters near Humvee
Traveling of YPG vehicle passing a checkpoint
Wide of female and male Kurdish fighters
Wide of town and fields. NAT Sound: Gunshots
Wide of ‘Fat Jack’
Various of town and fields
Wide, R-L pan of ‘Fat Jack’ driving off in a pickup truck with YPG flag
Wide of fighter going into armored personnel carrier with YPG flag
Wide of tank with YPG flag
Wide of ‘Fat Jack’ getting into a pickup truck with YPG flag
Wide of fighters near YPG vehicles
Wide of ‘Fat Jack’ parking pickup truck
Wide of tank with YPG flag. NAT Sound: Gunshots
Wide of ‘Fat Jack’ stepping out of a pickup truck with YPG flag, talking to Kurdish fighter

SOUNDBITE (English, Man) ‘Fat Jack’ American volunteer with the YPG
03:42 - 07:41

  • Your name and where you are from.

  • I go by Fat Jack, my American nickname. I’m from San Antonio, Texas.

  • Why did you decide to come here?

  • The only way I know how to fight Daesh [ISIS] with people I could trust.

  • How did you see the situation here in Rojava [Syrian part of Kurdistan] during the clashes?

  • Originally since I’ve been here? I heard about Daesh in the media for a long time. Nobody was doing nothing. On the internet, I found out about the YPG. I started doing my homework. That’s how I got... I sold my stuff, bought a plane ticket and came on.

  • Can you talk about the situation more? About Rojava, the people here? The clashes?

  • Well there’s the culture difference that’s kind of a… wow! But the people are good people. The language barrier has been a bit of a problem. The people here, you know, they’re nice people. That’s the reason I came with the YPG. I trust them; they’re Kurdish, their reputation… so that’s how I came here just to… simply to fight Daesh.

  • And how did you decide to participate [with] the YPG against Daesh?

  • I guess I’ve seen a story of an American that came over. That night I was like… wow! You’ve got lunatics from all over the world that come to join Daesh, and you always wonder how these lunatics from all over the world come together. Much less find one more, but how do you find thousands? And then I was wondering how would a normal person come to fight evil? About three days later, that’s when I found the story about an American that came over. That’s how I ended up here.

  • Your last message to the world – if you want to send a message to the world or say anything.

  • Daesh has to be stopped. I mean, no matter where you are; what country or religion; your politics, murder and rape is evil. I mean in Daesh they murder… they rape and murder… they murder children and they would be speaking God’s name in their mouth while they murder. And just…

  • Can you please describe the clashes now in Tal Tamer?

  • From my point of view, it’s different. Our militaries are different. It’s just different. I don't know how to....”

Various of Kurdish fighters and military vehicles

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Shiite Militias Advance on ISIS Outsi...
By mushtaq mohammed
08 Mar 2015

March 8, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Footage from a camera mounted on the helmet of a fighter from the Ali-al-Akbar Shiite militia (part of the larger al-Hashd al-Shaabi umbrella of Shiite militias) shows fighters running through trenches and dirt roads on the outskirts of Al-Awja, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, in southern Tikrit. ISIS fighters were forced to retreat following the clashes.

The Iraqi Army, in coordination with al-Hashd al-Shaabi militias, launched an offensive to retake the city of Tikrit, which became an ISIS stronghold in June of 2014. Around 30,000 troops have been deployed and have been retaking villages from the jihadists en route to Tikrit over the last month.

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Badr Corps and Iraqi Army Shell ISIS ...
By mushtaq mohammed
05 Mar 2015

March 5, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

In conjunction with Iraqi Army soldiers, Shiite fighters from the Badr Corps advance towards the al-Alam area of northern Tikrit, supported by helicopter. The video shows the soldiers firing on a vehicle in the distance, which they claim is laden with explosives, until it blows up. It also shows the fighters driving through the liberated villages in convoys before reaching the frontline of the battle, where begin firing on ISIS positions with automatic weapons and RPGs. The troops claim to have liberated around 30 villages in the Salahuddin province en route to al-Alam.

In an interview with a Badr militia commander, the latter identified the vehicle laden with explosives but blown up in the video as having been sent by ISIS to thwart their advance. He also claims that, thanks to the help of the Prophet and Ali (the son-in-law of Mohammed and revered by Shiites), they suffered zero casualties or injuries.


Abu Hassan, Field Commander
(Man, Arabic) (06:42-07:04)

Over 30 villages were liberated but the most important liberated villages were al-Boueitha, al-Boutalha, al-Bouchenif and the area of Hemreen and its surrounding villages. We are heading now to the frontline of Sheikh Mohamad. All the units will meet here and head to Tikrit from the al-Alam road.

(07:05-07:39) Abbas, Fighter
(Man, Arabic)

We are now in Salah al-din near al-Alam and will reach al-Alam either this afternoon or at worst very early tomorrow morning.

We have enough people. We faced a bunch of them in cars this morning and beat them.

They sent us a vehicle planted with explosives, but we were able to destroy it with cannons before it reached us. They were not able to kill or injure any of our men. Prophet Mohamad and Ali are on our side.

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ISIS Destroys Home of Mosul's Prison ...
By omariq
05 Mar 2015

March 2015
Mosul, Iraq

Video shows what eyewitnesses claim to be ISIS destroying the personal residence of the former warden of Mosul Prison, General Khalaf al-Jabouri.

The prison had been used by the Iraqi government to detain suspected terrorists. Locals say that many of the inmates have now become members of ISIS.

General Jabouri fled his home in the Shura district of Mosul in June 2014 when ISIS militants seized control of Iraq's second largest city.

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Fighters and Civilians Celebrate Kurd...
Countryside of Al-Qamishli
By Bedir
23 Feb 2015

NOTE Graphic scenes were removed from this video. If you are interested in obtaining them please contact Transterra Media.

People’s Protection Units (YPG) are advancing near Qamishli and have already retaken over 25 villages in military operations against ISIS all throughout Syria. The YPG began a military campaign about two days ago against villages and urban centers controlled by ISIS located in rural areas to the south of Qamishli.

The military operation continues for the third consecutive day with the support of coalition air forces. With their help, the YPG were able to liberate dozens of villages.
This operation was well received by both the Arab and Kurdish inhabitants of these villages, who both demonstrated their support when the YPG entered their villages to free them from the control of ISIS, which is restricting them and denying them their freedom.


(Arabic, man) Ali al-Hameed, Arab YPG fighter:
“Our goal is to rid all the villages in the area of ISIS; the YPG are quickly advancing. We are all brothers in fighting ISIS.

(Kurdish, man) Hoker Hussein, Kurdish fighter:
“We are here to avenge our martyrs who died in previous battles in Tilhamis. We get our strength and determination from the blood of the martyrs and the support of our people and, thanks to them, we shall win against ISIS.”

(Kurdish, woman) Mother of female fighter:
“We are here today to show loyalty to the blood of our martyrs. We have a good spirit and we have complete faith in our victory and that we are going to liberate our area from ISIS.”

(Kurdish, man) Idris Taher Aziz, Kurdish civilian from the village of Kherbet Jehash:
“When ISIS came close to our villages, we escaped their violent assaults. Now we have decided to return to our village after it was liberated by the YPG. We are happy to return home and, thanks to the YPG, life is slowly getting back to normal.”

(Arab, man) Majeed al-Habib, an Arab from the village of Bazoona:
“ISIS treated us horribly. They used to implement tough laws; they banned us from smoking; they forced women to wear the Niqab; and threatened our religious sites in the village. When the YPG entered and liberated us, we were very happy and welcomed them.”

(Kurdish, man): Nori, Kurdish fighter:

“When you look at those documents and papers, you see strange laws and regulations, as if you were living 2000 years before this time. It really indicates how retrograde their mentality is and how much suffering they have imposed on people. We have 7 ISIS fighters’ corpses, some are Arabs, some are foreigners. One had a Saudi flag, indicating the Saudi identity of some of them.”


Interviews with the fighters and shots of the liberated villages.
Shots of the liberated villages and their civilians
Interviews with the civilians
Various of YPG’s military forces
Various of remnants, documents and possessions, including flag of Saudi Arabia, presumably left behind by ISIS
Various of Nori, the fighter, speaking

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Iraqi Troops Counterattack ISIS
Ramadi, Iraq
By mushtaq mohammed
04 Feb 2015

December 16, 2014
Anbar, Iraq

Iraqi security forces repelled an ISIS attack on Ramadi city center, in the Anbar province in Iraq. The special counter terrorist unit then launched a counterattack on ISIS locations in the the center of the city, with the support of fighters from local Sunni tribes.

According to a local security source, who refused to give his name, the attack caused the death of 13 ISIS fighters. In addition, the Iraqi forces seized light and heavy munitions, along with seven ISIS fighters who surrendered to the police during the conflict.

Over the past year Iraqi armed forces, with the support of Sunni tribal fighters, have been battling ISIS militants in many areas of the majority Sunni province of Anbar, in an attempt to regain control over the area.


Amer al-obeidi, Lieutenant, (Man, Arabic):

(01:33-01:59) "The attack was blocked, and our groups moved forward towards the area. In the upcoming days, the whole area will be wiped out. There is cooperation between the security forces and the army forces. We are ready to clean all the areas of remaining members of ISIS."

Ahmed al-Fahdawi, Field Commander, (Man, Arabic):

(02:00-02:14) "We are ready to fight ISIS and all the terrorist organizations that are pushing against us from the outside. We are hanging in here and we do not need anything, we only need the tribes because our strength lies in our cooperation with the tribes."

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“Until the Last Drop of Blood”; Syria...
By TTM Contributor 33
01 Feb 2015

Hasaka, Syria
February 1, 2015

Dozens of Kurdish fighters killed in various battles were buried during a large ceremony at the Martyr Khelil Sarukhan cemetery in the city of Hasaka, northeast Syria.
There have been heavy battles between ISIS and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) for several months, mostly centered in the city of Kobane. Unprecedented clashes also erupted on January 17 between the YPG and Syrian regime forces outside the city of Hasaka, killing more than 20 Kurdish fighters and civilians were killed in this fighting.
Hasaka is part of the autonomous region in Syria proclaimed in by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the umbrella group with which the YPG is affiliated.
The PYD has been previously accused by members of Syrian opposition of collaborating with the Syrian regime.
This video shows the burial ceremony, during which families of killed fighters appear gathering, holding YPG flags and reading verses from the Quran. Video also includes interviews with a female Kurdish political militant and the wives of two fighters killed in battles with ISIS.


Various of Asayesh (Kurdish security force) members
Various of women weeping next to graves
Medium of boys watering plant on a grave
Wide of fighter talking to woman in the graveyard
Various of woman crying next to fighter’s grave
Wide of male and female fighters standing next to a grave
Wide of people at cemetery entrance
Various of children holding YPG flag in the cemetery
Wide of people at cemetery entrance
Various of mourners near the grave of Asayish member
Wide of graves
Wide of women sitting near a grave
Medium of woman reading Quran
Wide of a dug grave
Wide of people at cemetery entrance
Wide of female militants searching a woman at the entrance of cemetery
Various of cemetery entrance
Wide of convoy
Various of procession to carry bodies of fighters to the cemetery
Wide of coffin
Various of female fighters preparing for ceremony
Wide of people gathered at the entrance of cemetery
Wide of Nawal Kelo, Kurdish Political Militant

SOUNDBITE (Kurdish, Woman), Nawal Kelo, Kurdish Political Militant
04:49 - 07:06

“About the latest events in Rojava [Syrian part of Kurdistan], the Syrian regime was not convinced that the YPG was an umbrella for all the free people in Rojava and Syria, without consideration of religion or race. The regime did not acknowledge that the YPG will win against ISIS, which the regime has created, especially in Kobane. “The regime tried to relieve ISIS from pressure in Hasaka, thinking that it could have full control over the events. The regime wanted to destroy everyone and then destroy the YPG, but it was faced with strong fighting form the side of the YPG, which has also been strong in the face of ISIS. Many died from the regime’s side, also about 20 Kurdish civilians and fighters died. The YPG will protect the area and all of Syria, and it will not disappoint the public. ISIS is the creation of the Syrian regime and its former friend [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan. At the end, they will taste their own medicine and they will be forced to acknowledge the power of the Kurdish people and its free will, which are above all other laws.”
“The resistance and victory in Kobane proved to the world the free will of the Kurdish people as well as the rest of the Syrian population. We will lead ourselves. We have institutions lead by the Kurdish administration; we have councils and military forces. We will resist until the last drop of blood. Our people have free will and are bonded to their land. Those who do not have free will or a higher aim are ISIS and the Syrian regime.”

Various of Zouzan, Female Asayish Member whose husband was killed in a battle with ISIS

SOUNDBITE (Kurdish, Woman) Zouzan, Female Asayish Member whose husband was killed in a battle with ISIS
07:18 – 08:28

“I am a member of the Asayish, the Kurdish security forces, and the wife of martyr Hoker. I carried my husband's weapon after he died and swore to continue his fight until we clean Rojava from ISIS and the regime. I have children, and I insist to avenge my husband and defend my country and my land, we will fight until the last drop of blood.” “I do not know why everyone is against us, Kurds. They want to take our women, kill our children, evict us, murder us. We are Kurds and Muslims. What do they want from us? With the blood of our martyrs we will destroy the terrorists, and live safely and freely.”

Medium of Zouzan, Female Asayish Member whose husband was killed in a battle with ISIS
Various of Salma Muhammad, the widow of a fighter killed during a battles with ISIS

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Woman) Salma Muhammad, the widow of a fighter was killed by ISIS
08:49 – 09:50

“What is happening is not in ISIS’ interest. If ISIS goes a step or two in the direction of Rojava, especially Qamishli, the young and adults will carry weapons. We will not leave them. We will resist in the west of Kurdistan. The regime should recall what the sacrifices and martyrs offered by the Kurds to revive Syria. Now, we want Syrian to be a democratic nation. We are not demanding independence. Why are these martyrs falling? Each martyr… we send a thousand salutes to the leader Abdullah Ocalan – salutes that bear the scent of martyrs’ blood. ‘Apo’ should know that we are sacrificing to have democracy according to his great ideas. We do not accept any other form of democracy.”

Cutaway – medium of Salma Muhammad
Various of burial
Wide of group carrying flags

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Iraqi Security Forces Retake Al-Anbar...
Ramadi, Iraq
By mushtaq mohammed
30 Nov 2014

November 30, 2014
Ramadi, Iraq

The video shows the Iraqi Armed Forces in a government compound in Ramadi, in the province of Anbar, days after it was liberated from the hands of ISIS. The building was known as al-Jahiz Building, and it was previously being used as an ISIS headquarters. For over a month, ISIS fighters and the Iraqi army along with Shia volunteers have been locked in a battle to control the city of Ramadi. Iraqi officials said that the country's military launched a major operation to retake all parts of the city, which ISIS has been regularly attacking.

(00:30) Soldier: The situation is stable now and everything is under control. Everything else is a rumor (00:40).

(02:00) Army Commander 1: We are now in the police station of Al Anbar Governorate; the situation is normal and everything is under control. All the members of the station are in position, either in the administration or on the ground. There is no presence of ISIS members in the area or in this official building; the entire region is under control. Some of the news media are promoting stories that ISIS fighters took control of the building, but it is not true (02:32).

Army Commander 2: (02:33) Some satellite TV Stations and some journalists who are promoting false news that the governmental compound is in the hands of ISIS now. But, as you can see, this news is false. We are now in this compound and our soldiers are fighting in Al Mostawdaa’ Street outside the building and in the area of Al Malaab. Today, [we killed] seven ISIS “rats” in the 20th Street, and the fights are still on with high hopes. We demand these TV stations to stop promoting false information about Al Anbar Governorate, and promote good news about security and stability in the country. And I demand some personalities who facilitate the job of the terrorists to stop what they are doing, and I warn them that justice will get you sooner or later.(04:24)

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Government Forces Retake Baqubah Subu...
By mushtaq mohammed
29 Nov 2014

November 29, 2014
Baqubah, Iraq

Iraqi government forces took over the Saadiya and Jalawla suburbs of Baqubah located around 50 km to the northeast of Baghdad.

This footage shows the towns in the aftermath of the battles between government forces and ISIS that lasted for more than a day.

Interview with government fighter (Man, Arabic)

Than God, we are victorious. ISIS has been defeated.

Interview with government fighter (Man, Arabic)

The area is safe. We call on all families who have been forced to flee by ISIS to return. God willing, their houses are safe.

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Hanano battles
By Mhammad Darwish
02 Oct 2013

Clashes, destruction and interviews in the Hanano district of Aleppo.

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Rome, Italy
By mikrofilm
15 Jul 2013

A nice video reportage telling about ancient romans and a group of volunteers doing historical reenactements.