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Protestors battle with riot police in...
Abu Saiba, Bahrain
By AlFardan
21 Jul 2013

Clashes occurred between riot police and protestors as a government crackdown on the anti-regime demonstrations was put into effect in several villages throughout the country, including Abu-Saibah. Riot police fired tear gas and according to a human rights group in Bahrain, more than 100 people have been injured so far. The Bahraini uprising began in mid-February 2011. This comes in front of the planned countrywide anti-regime protest on August 14, organized by Bahrain's "Tamorrod" movement. Abu Saiba, Bahrain, July 21, 2013.

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Teaser: Behind the Tamorrod campaign ...
Cairo, Egypt
By andrewbossone
28 Jun 2013

The story follows Ahmed Abu Ghalaza, an Egyptian activist from the Tamorrod, or Rebel, campaign that collected 20 million signatures in the last three months calling for early elections. His friend and mentor who organized the local Tamarrod sit-in in his neighborhood starting June 28, was shot and killed weeks earlier. And after the largest day of protests, June 30, members of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the sit-in, killing a young girl and leading to armed clashes. Despite the conflict in his neighborhood and in the country, Ahmed believes the Egyptian people support the ouster of President Morsi, and remains hopeful that the next elections will better reflect their will.